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a graphic of a mobile phone with WhatsApp messages making up a conversation between neighbours about the fact that they have no water or just a trickle

Day 7 – kind neighbours

Celebrate kindness – community and neighbours Last Friday lunchtime, I went to fill up the kettle for my cuppa soup and just a trickle came out of my tap. After checking that there weren’t any water company vans in the street, I put a message on the WhatsApp group for my road. I asked whether […]

Magenta square with the words 'Let someone in front of you when they're in a rush'

Day 5 – let someone in front of you

Share kindness: Let someone in front of you when they’re in a rush. You know that thing when you’re in a supermarket queue and you can just tell that the person behind you is in a rush? They might be bouncing on the balls of their feel, checking their watch repeatedly or huffing and puffing.

A brown and white guinea pig sitting on grass and looking towards the camera

Thoughtful vet

Another guinea pig related story, this time about the vet! My friend sent me this message about the kindness of vets and the difficult job they have to do. “Sadly we had to have one of our guinea pigs put to sleep after half-term. It was very upsetting for my older daughter as it was

a black and white banner with the customer service phrase ‘We hear you’ on it

Kind customer service

My friend, Lucy, recently contacted me about something she described as a “lovely kindness experience”. I think sometimes we can take great customer service for granted, even as we complain bitterly when we don’t get it. So it was nice to hear about an experience described in these terms. “I had a long, messy problem

cardboard boxes half-packed with kitchen bits and bobs

Boxes buddy

We are lucky enough to be having a new kitchen fitted, with the build starting later this week. So we need to empty out all the ‘stuff’ from the current cabinets and box it up to store out of the way. Even allowing for a long overdue declutter, we need quite a few boxes. So

a London underground sign against a backdrop of trees and an office block

Never forget

Today we remember the 52 people who lost their lives in the London Tube bombings. And everyone else who was affected in some way by that awful, indescribable day. My love, thoughts and prayers go out to you all. I was working in London at that time, but by complete chance I was unwell and

A young woman with long dark hair with her hands over her mouth and the words No spoilers please to her left

No spoilers please

My 13-year-old daughter told me a great story of kindness yesterday. She had been out playing football with a friend who is a few years younger than her. They were talking about a well-known series of children’s books (I’ll leave it to you to guess which books!). She has read the whole series (several times),

Group of volunteers preparing vegetables in a large kitchen

What if we believe ordinary people have the power to do extraordinary things

During 2021 I’m sharing stories of kindness. Speaking up about the things that people do to help others and make their day better. Each month I’m going to publish a ‘What If…’ blog to inspire us all to think about how we already make the world a kinder place and ideas for things we could