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Wellbeing Workshops

Do you want to improve your people’s wellbeing and the way they connect and collaborate? Harnessing the power of kindness in your business or organisation will help you do that.

When people notice kindness in their working and wider life:

  • They feel more positive and more hopeful more often
  • They feel more connected to colleagues
  • They are better able to face challenges, make decisions and find solutions

This way of viewing the world comes easily to some, but for many people it is harder. The good news is that you can learn techniques and habits to help you notice, talk about and build upon kindness.

My workshops teach people the habits to make that happen and create action plans to put the habits into practice.

As an organisation:

Adding Time for Kindness workshops to your wellbeing activities programme helps to increase the sense of positivity your people feel and improves their wellbeing. This also has a big impact on your business, including overall culture, collaboration and decision-making. Why not book a workshop today?

As an individual:

Taking part in a Time for Kindness learning opportunity brings you into a community of like-minded people who believe in changing the way we look at and talk about our world. Why not speak to your employer about booking a workshop today?

What is it?

  • Workshops to explore what kindness looks like, why it matters and how to build an action plan to spot it more
  • Workshops for individuals, teams, managers and leaders
  • Opportunity to learn techniques to make noticing it part of your daily life within and beyond your workplace
  • Opportunity to build connections and community

Who is it for?

  • Organisations and businesses who want to support their people’s wellbeing
  • Organisations and businesses with kindness as a value who want their people to connect & collaborate positively
  • Organisations and businesses who need positive creativity and problem-solving
  • Individuals who want more positivity and hope in their work and life

Get in touch to start a conversation about the the problems you can solve with a ‘see kind’ wellbeing workshop. Currently you can choose from a half-day workshop or a 1-hour lunch’n’learn session.

Prices start from £800 for a half-day workshop or £300 for a lunch’n’learn, depending on size of organisation, number of attendees and delivery method.

The whole team were very engaged and receptive to Sarah’s motivation and positivity when she delivered her Kindness Lunch’n’Learn to our team.

Tara Clark, Head of People & Culture, One Small Thing

It was a really eye opening session, Sarah was engaging in her delivery and the content was inspiring.

Laura Honey, Head of HR, Imperial College London