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Kindness Blog

This series of blogs is designed to spark ideas for building on the positive things that already happen. I’m always on the look-out for new writers, especially from under-represented groups who don’t always get a chance to have their voices heard. If you’ve got an idea for a blog? You can send us your Kindness blog idea.

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10 questions for building a communication strategy

‘How do I build a communication strategy or plan?’ remains one of the most common questions I get asked. I find it reassuring because it demonstrates a recognition that a strategic approach is going to be better than an ad hoc one for reaching audiences with messages of kindness. This week I am running a […]

A family of swans swims across the beautiful lake that Sarah sometimes uses for walking meetings

How to ace walking meetings

Today marks the start of Mental Health Awareness Week 2022. The theme this year is loneliness and the Mental Health Foundation are encouraging people to build meaningful connections. One way to encourage connection building is to get out for a walk together. I love taking a walk round the beautiful lake in this photo, often […]

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Are you getting communication right?

“How do I make sure that people read my newsletter?”“How do I make people look at my website?”“How do I make sure that people listen to me?” These are questions which I regularly hear from my clients. And I usually have to answer with another question – how sure are you that you need a […]

2 wooden model figures each holding a jigsaw piece and connecting them together to collaborate

How to collaborate

Many organisations are currently looking at their post-pandemic ways of working. One element of success will undoubtedly be how well teams and individuals can collaborate. In this blog I write about the time when I helped my daughter to refresh the posters on her bedroom wall and what that taught me about working together. For […]

A person stands with arms outstretched in front of a moody night sky and a lit up heart shape of authenticity and self-compassion

Authenticity in communication

Many years ago the large charity I worked for was launching a particular employee initiative. I wanted to contact other organisations who had done something similar. My plan was to ask for their advice and learning about the communications. I was in a junior role and felt inexperienced, so I asked a more senior colleague […]

A photo of Ilyana wearing a black graduation gown and mortar board with the university campus and blue sky behind

What if… we mentor new community members with kindness

Last month I wrote about the impact of sharing expertise with your community or wider afield. I’m delighted to follow that with this blog from corporate affairs intern, Ilyana Rajwani, sharing details of the kind welcome she received from more experienced colleagues. Another of the kindness in business stories I’m sharing this month. Being a […]

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What if… we share our expertise?

We all have expertise in something. It may be a work skill, a hobby or a life skill. You may have detailed knowledge of your favourite book or film. You may have expert understanding of what makes others tick. Or of what makes you tick. But we can’t all be experts in everything. Sharing our […]

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Have you got the right team around you?

Each of us has a greater or lesser need to be part of a team. Sometimes the level of connection we have with others is driven by our own internal needs. Sometimes there are external factors which affect the contact levels we have. But for most of use there will come a time (or many […]

What if… we come together in kindness?

We start 2022 with a guest blog from internal comms professional, Monique Noel Brown. In it she shares how she used her communication skills to connect with a community of kind individuals at a time of distress when her cat needed expensive treatment. Oftentimes you’ll hear your friends, family – strangers passing in the street […]

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Need help spreading messages of kindness in 2022?

If so, Time for Kindness is now open for the new year. I can work with you to achieve your vision of kindness by communicating more effectively and motivating people to take actions. Communication is regularly cited as needing improvement, but there are always things you can do to make it better. As I often […]