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Speaking Events & Podcasts

Sarah sitting on stage with a head mic as part of a panel at a speaking event

I regularly take part in speaking events, conferences and podcasts to talk about the importance and power of kindness and the way that it connects us all. My style is warm, friendly and enthusiastic.

Topics range from celebrating inspiring stories of kindness and the power you have when you choose to ‘see kind’, to sharing ideas for noticing kind acts in the world around you and how to use connection with others as a source of joy in your work. My aim is to encourage and inspire my audiences about the positive impact that kindness has on individuals, workplaces and society as a whole.

NEW! Book me as a ‘warm-up act’

If you are running an event, meeting or conference and need something a bit different to get the day started, I can run a 20 minute kindness stories activity that will raise the positivity and energy in the room. After setting the scene around kindness, I will encourage attendees to get chatting to the people around them, sharing the positive impact of kindness they have noticed in the world and/or their workplace. Get in touch to discuss how we can work together at your event.

This is also a great exercise for organisations that have ‘kindness’ as one of their values but are struggling to articulate what that looks like in practice.

It’s like an ice-breaker, without being one of those awful ice-breakers that make everyone cringe!

A participant in this exercise at an event earlier in the year

Where to hear me speak

The following list includes some of the places where you can hear me:

Book me for your event or podcast

If you would like me to speak at your event or as a guest on your podcast, please get in touch and we can explore options together. Let me know the topic area you would like me to cover and whether you have a budget for speakers.