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  • Kindness is Powerful

    It unites people and makes us stronger together.

  • Kindness is All Around Us

    We just don’t hear about it often enough yet.

Kindness Stories

  • Text reads “Whose natural kindness impacts your life and how?” below the text is the Time for Kindness logo and a graphic of two children; one has fallen down and scraped their knee, the other is holding their hand smiling gently to help them up.
  • A large table filled with books. On the front is a large piece of paper with “book swap” in decorative lettering on it
  • A queue of five people waiting for an elevator. Text overlaid reads “I welcomed a visitor with a personalized sign inside our elevator.”
  • A hand about to plug a charger into a phone. Text overlaid reads “I lent my phone charger to one of the volunteers at the repair cafe.”
  • A green wall outside in London. On it hang some coats under a small ledge, some shoes near the floor under another small ledge, space for books and other things. Around the wall are notices to say take or leave a coat, shoes, books, or other items at this wall of kindness.
  • a sandy area with some trees and some multicoloured houses on a sunny day with white fluffy clouds in the sky in Brazil.
  • A close up of a large and somewhat ornate bank building. Text overlaid reads “Local offers lift to bank in town as one in village closes.”
  • a wide set of train tracks with many different lines in a city viewed from the bridge above. A train is coming in on one track on the bottom right. Text overlaid reads “Ticket inspector comforts grieving passenger.”
  • a wildfire sweeping through a forest. Text overlaid reads “Community comes together to support each other during wildfires.”

Kindness Blog

Speaking Events & Podcasts

If you’re looking for someone to speak at your event or as a guest on your podcast, I am an experienced and enthusiastic speaker who inspires audiences and makes them smile. My specialist subjects are kindness and communication.

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Wellbeing Workshops

Harnessing the power of kindness improves employee wellbeing, collaboration, decision-making and more. I run sessions to teach people tips and techniques to recognise what kindness looks like, why it matters and how to spot it more easily.

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Sarah Browning at the NEUPC Conference
Sarah Browning