• Kindness is Powerful

    It unites people and makes us stronger together.

  • Kindness is All Around Us

    We just don’t hear about it often enough yet.

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  • a community shop sign that says sorry, we’re closed but still awesome
  • a yellow background with 2 bright pink tickets on it - one says Kindfest 2021, the other one has a picture of a present
  • a white square with the Time for Kindness logo and the words Share Your Expertise across the middle
  • Sarah sitting on a balcony with a lake in the background and wearing a black hoodie with the words kindness matters on the front
  • An image with the no cost ideas for showing kindness that are listed in this story
  • a hand-written note from the man who found the lost wallet which reads ‘I have found your documents. I would be happy to return it. Call me please.’
  • A screenshot from the furloughed fundraisers chat facebook page showing a drawing of multi-coloured hands with a white heart on the highest hand
  • A magenta square with the Time for Kindness logo in the corner and the quote "Never underestimate the power of being a decent human being"
  • Me and my friend Andy standing on a bridge over the River Thames while taking part in the Alzheimer's Society Memory Walk 2021
  • the words kindness is cool whatever age you are against a multicolored background