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  • Kindness is Powerful

    It unites people and makes us stronger together.

  • Kindness is All Around Us

    We just don’t hear about it often enough yet.

Kindness Blog

Communication Strategy

Use my expertise to write a communication strategy or plan and get your kindness messages and stories across to your ideal audiences more effectively.

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Cheerleader Mentoring

Boost your confidence for communicating with kindness through regular conversations with me to explore your ideas and options.

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Sarah Browning at the NEUPC Conference
Sarah Browning

Kindness Stories

  • Scrabble tiles arranged to spell the words "let it go."
  • Caroline outside holding a coffee on a beautiful sunny day.
  • A ringing alarm clock besides text reading "Do you want to postpone?"
  • A delicious looking chocolate orange cake with Terry's chocolate orange slices around the top of it.
  • A white cupcake in a rainbow case with white icing and a single candle lit in the middle of it.
  • a small seal chilling on a beach, it appears to be smiling.
  • Emma, a woman with long brown hair wearing a pink and white top, looks away from the camera. She is standing in front of a lush green area with red flowers dotted through it.
  • 15 people stand in a group smiling and waving at the camera in a park. They are all wrapped up in coats and hats but the sun is shining.
  • A beautiful large lake viewed through long grass, surrounded by lush green trees. The sky above is light blue with fluffy white clouds.]
  • Screenshot of a tweet from Olivia reading "Taking time to straighten my hair! It makes me feel like a million bucks."