• Kindness is Powerful

    It unites people and makes us stronger together.

  • Kindness is All Around Us

    We just don’t hear about it often enough yet.

Kindness Blog

Kindness Stories

  • a ginger guinea pig sitting in a cardboard tube
  • my niece wearing her fluffy top with her camera in front of her face and the caption ‘Your outfit looks nice’
  • A hotel reception desk with a sign on the wall that says may I help you?
  • cardboard boxes half-packed with kitchen bits and bobs
  • a person with curly hair carrying a shopping basket and taking a box down from a shelf
  • a London underground sign against a backdrop of trees and an office block
  • A photo of a radio mic shown above the Time for Kindness logo, the date of the radio show and the hashtag for Project Amplify Kindness
  • a blue car driving away along a winding road with the words thank you written below
  • A photo of a Yorkshire welcome afternoon tea of sandwiches, scones and a cake set on a red and white tablecloth
  • My thank you gift of a bright green frog toy sitting on top of the book Eat That Frog written by Brian Tracy