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A bit about Sarah

I created Time for Kindness as a way to bring together people who believe in kindness. And people who want to believe in it, but are nervous about that belief. By telling stories of everyday kindness, I believe we will make each other smile and inspire each other to do even more.

I also work as an independent kindness cheerleader and communicator with individuals and organisations that make the world a kinder place. You can find out more about some of the things I do in the services section of this site.

Kindness is active. We can all fit kind acts into our day. These don’t have to be complicated or grand gestures; it can just as easily be something simple that brightens another person’s day. Or your own day.

Grab yourself a cuppa or other comforting beverage and take a look at the stories and blogs on this site.

Sarah Browning
Sarah Browning of Browning York
Sarah Browning