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Help find a the Beacon Fell country park kind stranger

a pink wallet with cats on peeks out of a zip in a pale blue bag.

Can we find the kind human who returned a lost wallet? Read and share the details.

“I went for a walk around Beacon Fell country park in Carwags Goosnargh, lovely walk however I woke the next day to the realisation I had lost my wallet!

I had tried numerous times to contact the cafe at the walk and sent messages to their Facebook page. I had been back to Beacon fell for a walk around, a 46 mile round journey, and retraced my steps, to no avail.

I drove home stressed about the fact I would been anxiously hoping I had my driving license and cash cards in place for my holiday.

Upon my return home someone had posted my wallet through my letter box, no note or contact details. It cheered up my Saturday and also gave me a moment of realising that people are wonderful at times.
This person would have driven 46 miles to do this act act of kindness and it saved me so much headache. Maybe quite an insignificant act it some people’s eyes but it really made me happy.

Thanks to whoever that person is. Hopefully they get to hear this message. Really Grateful.”

Please note the image is not the wallet that was lost!