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kindness of strangers

These good news tales about the kindness of strangers are intended to be uplifting and give readers faith in humanity.

A delicious looking chocolate orange cake with Terry's chocolate orange slices around the top of it.

Two kindness, one tea shop

“I recently treated myself to a coffee and a slice of cake at one of our lovely local tea shops. It’s a very popular tea shop, a proper community hub, called Annie’s on Newport Pagnell High Street.It was really busy. First of all a lady looked up from her crossword and said to me “would […]

15 people stand in a group smiling and waving at the camera in a park. They are all wrapped up in coats and hats but the sun is shining.

Small business huddle

My friend Debs told me about how kind and welcoming everyone at her networking group was when they met up in person for the first time last week. They had met and started to build connections online. Debs was one of the first to arrive, feeling a little bit nervous, and the excited waves she […]

A beautiful large lake viewed through long grass, surrounded by lush green trees. The sky above is light blue with fluffy white clouds.]

Country park kindness

While sitting on a large balcony overlooking a lake in the sunshine and drinking coffee at a café at Dinton Pastures Country Park with friends, my friend, Mike, suddenly leapt up and dashed across the terrace. He had spotted an elderly couple making their way down the stairs to the ground floor, both with walking […]

Tris pointing a camera at an unseen family by the river in London

Kindness in London

Lots of kindness on display during a family Easter day trip to the Tower of London yesterday. A passenger on the Tube giving their seat to someone else who needed it more Miss B pointing out the seat-giving to me because she knew I would want to mention it here (she drew the line at […]

3 hands with different skin colours on top of each other surrounded by blue and yellow flowers. Above them is a heart in blue and yellow.

Kind communities – Reading

Communities supporting those in need is so beautiful – this story moved me so much from an anonymous kindness champion. “I was on a call today at work and was truly overwhelmed with Reading Council and our partners and the way they are responding to offering homes for Ukrainians coming to this area. So much […]

Talia smiles broadly at the camera. She is wearing a bright yellow top that matches her sunny demeanour.

Paying it forward in business

Supporting people who are earlier on in their work is a wonderful act of kindness as Talia Loderick explains. “I’m a Money Coach, based in Cardiff. I work with 121 clients and I’ve recently started delivering financial wellbeing talks to employees at corporate organisations. I was pleased to start 2022 with a booking to deliver […]

a grey rock painted with a daffodil sitting beside a fence on the pavement.

Small kindness, big community

“I love finding these painted rocks, there’s a Facebook group for them in Llantwit because they’re such a big thing. Everyone’s excited to find them.” How beautiful to have a whole community excited and connected by something as small as painted rocks. No kindness is too small and this story from Caz proves the power […]

A gold cup on a green stand beneath text reading "The Sara Awards."

The Sara Awards

Have you head about the Sara Awards? Every day at about 5:30 on the Sara Cox show on Radio 2, Sara reads out a story of kindness that someone has sent in and the person who did the kind thing gets today’s Sara Award – recognition on the radio. They are strangers who have stopped […]

two femme presenting people walking in the woods smiling broadly at each other, both pushing a buggy.

Helping a mum in the rain

“I went for an organised mums and prams walk with Alina, knowing we would have to stop before the end to feed her. When we had to duck out, the pub they normally go to for coffee wasn’t fully open and I couldn’t get in because of pram access, but Alina was crying so I […]

landscape beside the Thames in London. People walking and sitting around, some taking photos. A boat on the river and across the river notable London buildings can be seen.

Kindness of Londoners

Miriam is always amazed by tiny kindnesses of people around her living in London. Cars stopping when they see me running to let me cross to the road (they don’t know how slow I am). Everyone checking that the crying kid in the playground is ok. The grocery delivery driver telling me not to accept […]