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kindness of strangers

These good news tales about the kindness of strangers are intended to be uplifting and give readers faith in humanity.

a sandy area with some trees and some multicoloured houses on a sunny day with white fluffy clouds in the sky in Brazil.

Brazilians help lost traveller stuck in sand.

“When I was in Brazil with some friends, we took a wrong turning trying to find our way to our accommodation in a remote place on a very hot day, and ended up getting our car stuck in sand and overheating. Several people came out of nearby houses and lifted it clear of the sand […]

A close up of a large and somewhat ornate bank building. Text overlaid reads “Local offers lift to bank in town as one in village closes.”

Local offers lift to bank in town as one in village closes.

I spotted this kind post in a local Facebook and just had to share it with Time for Kindness ⬇️ “I feel sorry for the older people in the village that can’t access Lloyds bank anymore. I am willing to offer a service to the elderly to go to the bank in town if they

a wildfire sweeping through a forest. Text overlaid reads “Community comes together to support each other during wildfires.”

Community comes together to support each other during wildfires.

“I’m writing from the Valparaíso Region in Chile where we recently had some horrendous wildfires (131 dead, up to 30,000 people displaced/homeless) and I would like to share just how much the community has reached out to help one another. The volunteer firefighters who spent 5 days combatting the fires; the scores of vets and

a green storage locker with one door open to reveal a poster for Pink Storage on the floor with two bottles of water and packets of Haribo on it.

Stranger explains how storage locker works.

“I hired a storage locker ready for moving house and couldn’t figure out how to open it when I arrived to drop some things off. I spotted someone else at a locker nearby and went over to ask if they could help. They happily came over and not only explained how to unlock it, but

a nature reserve with small hills of very long grass and plains of shorter grass. There are some bushes dotted around. The sky is bright blue.

Stranger helps find 3 boys lost in Sutton Park.

“I took our boys (aged 9, 12 and 13) to Sutton Park. We had never visited before and it seemed like a good place for a half term catch up and undertake the 8 mile circular walk. Our boys were less enthusiastic shall we say. Unfortunately about an hour in the boys wondered and explored

a highstreet Superdrug store viewed from the street.

Stranger buys bag for another Superdrug customer.

I carried out an act of kindness myself in Superdrug last week; the lady in front of me in the queue had had an op on her shoulder and was finding it difficult to move it. Only after she’d paid by card did she think to ask for a paper bag to help her carry

A black and white photo of an older lady sitting on a wooden bench by a wooden fence. She has a wooden walking stick in her left hand which is resting on the ground between her feet. Her right hand is in front of her mouth as she hides a giggle. she is wearing a dark skirt, cardigan, and tights, carpet slippers and a light woollen hat pulled down over her ears.

A simple smile is a huge act of kindness.

“This lovely lady gave me the most adorable smile and giggle. She sat quietly amongst the rubble left by the fight on one of the main routes near the town of Ichnya where Russian forces had surrounded an agricultural community of 10,000 and used to gain ground towards the capital – Kyiv.” A simple smile

Sarah and Mark sitting at a table with coffees in front of them. They are both smiling broadly at the camera.

Stranger in coffee shop acts as photographer.

I had a coffee last week with Mark Summers from Summers Print & Promotions. We had met a couple of times at the Woodley Business Club but it was good to have the chance to sit down one to one and learn more about each other’s businesses. Mark was so kind in his support for

a yellow Heron Foods carrier bag filled with crisps.

Stranger buys a bag for another shopper after they drop purchases.

“A stranger in the queue behind me bought a bag for me after much of my shopping fell out of my own bag and I was on the floor trying to pick it all up and fit it back in.” We always say that no kindness is too small and this obviously made a big

5 balls of different coloured yarn and 3 sets of knitting needles on a table. On top of them is a hand written note reading “all of these yarns are double knit (dk) weight.

Local knitter donates starter kit to keen beginner.

“I asked in a local reuse group if anyone had any knitting needles or yarn as I wanted to learn to knit. Someone said yes they did and generously provided 5 balls, 3 sets of needles and a little note about what kind of wool it was all with a little card wishing me happy