a hand-written note from the man who found the lost wallet which reads ‘I have found your documents. I would be happy to return it. Call me please.’

Lost wallet

“I just wanted to make someone’s day happier!” I love this kindness story, shared by Beccie D’Cunha via LinkedIn. She explains, “I lost my wallet on Saturday night. I got this note through the door on Sunday. “The man who left me this note was cycling along when he spotted my driving licence in the […]

the words kindness is cool whatever age you are against a multicolored background

Kindness can start at any age…

My friend took her 4-year-old grandson, O, to the beach near where they live the other day. They had a play and then had some chips 🍟 As is the way with British seaside weather, it was a bit rainy and chilly so they had their chips in a shelter. When O saw a toddler […]

a magnum ice cream in a wrapper on a wooden counter top, with the words “She paid for mine as well” and 2 hashtags, Project Amplify Kindness and Kindness of Strangers

Anyone for ice cream?

This kindness story comes to us from my friend and business coach, the lovely Debs Henry-Pollard. “There is an ice cream van comes to my road every day in the summer and I have never used it. Last week, on a whim, I decided to go down and get a Magnum. “The van didn’t take […]

Photo of the first paragraph of a Guardian newspaper article with the title Hundreds offer spare rooms to refugees

Welcoming refugees

This story of kindness in today’s Guardian newspaper sums up exactly why I started Time for Kindness in the first place. Whilst in no way denying the unimaginable horror of the events in Afghanistan, there is an element of the story that illustrates just how kind many, many people are. We need to amplify these parts of […]

A brown and white guinea pig sitting on grass and looking towards the camera

Thoughtful vet

Another guinea pig related story, this time about the vet! My friend sent me this message about the kindness of vets and the difficult job they have to do. “Sadly we had to have one of our guinea pigs put to sleep after half-term. It was very upsetting for my older daughter as it was […]

a black and white banner with the customer service phrase ‘We hear you’ on it

Kind customer service

My friend, Lucy, recently contacted me about something she described as a “lovely kindness experience”. I think sometimes we can take great customer service for granted, even as we complain bitterly when we don’t get it. So it was nice to hear about an experience described in these terms. “I had a long, messy problem […]

A photo of Swati's parents wearing sunglasses at the beach with the ocean behind them

What if … communities embrace all migrants with kindness

In this latest guest blog I bring you a beautiful story of kindness, learning and welcoming. A huge thank you to communicator, Swati Joshi, for sharing her family’s uplifting story of migration as a positive experience. As a 1st generation Indian American, I was excited to watch @KamalaHarris sworn in as VP of the US. […]

A hotel reception desk with a sign on the wall that says may I help you?

Meltdown support

We never know how other people might deal with a situation which we find easy. Or how a kind word or action from us can improve someone else’s experience of a situation. My guest blogger, Sara-Louise Ackrill, recently shared this example of kindness that changed her experience and helped her to avoid a difficult and […]

A smiling gas fitter standing by a gas cooker with all 4 rings burning

Safely fitting a gas cooker

I love this story I saw on Facebook recently, from Winter Night Shelter MK, a charity supporting the homeless, vulnerable and those with mental health struggles in Milton Keynes “We wanted to say a huge thank you to Steadman Farley from Farley’s Heating and Plumbing Services. “Steadman contacted us offering his services for free to […]

A photo of a Smarties-covered cake with the words please save his special day laid over the top

Save his special day

Kindness that made a little boy smile (& may have brought a few tears to my eye 😉) This message appeared on a local FB group this morning: “Does anybody happen to have a Skylanders Imaginators portal for Xbox 360 that we could either borrow or you no longer use please? We bought the game […]