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Anna Radulovski – kindness superhero

Anna, a light skinned woman with long dark hair, her chin gently resting on her hand.

Meet Anna Radulovski – our next kindness superhero!

When Akua nominated Anna she said: ”She’s the organiser of the WomenTech Global Conference. Her leadership inspired and empowered over 6000 Ambassadors from 172 countries to join and unite women in tech in times of uncertainty.

She is a regular speaker at large conferences in tech and business and a startup jury for girls and women contests and competitions like Enterpregirl.
She views other women-focused organisations and startups as partners rather than competitors.

As an organizer of WomenTech Global Awards, she put the highest priority on making sure women are seen, heard, and recognized.
More than 2000+ women were recognized during the WomenTech Global Awards in 2022, with 60 winners in 22 categories including Women-Led Startup of the Year, Diversity in Tech Initiative, Diversity & Inclusion Officer of the Year, LGBTG+ AI Inclusion.”

What a woman who’s clearly made it her mission to inspire other women – a huge kindness!