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kindness is contagious

Sarah sat at the head of a large table which has 6 other people sat at it, each with papers, pends and some snacks in front of them. Behind Sarah is a large screen with a Power of Kindness slide on it, her tall Time for Kindness sign sits to the side.

Leadership for Personalised Care.

I’ll be running the Power of Kindness wellbeing workshop on 1st May for Leadership for Personalised Care. Did you know that when people notice kindness in their working and wider life: My workshops teach people the habits to make that happen and create action plans to put the habits into practice. Hopefully you can come […]

a medium sized dark brown dog stands sniffing at a grey Mud Buster.

Mud Buster and other goodies shared in Facebook group.

“Today I picked up a Mud Buster which will hopefully help with managing the mud my dog collects on her walks! We have a community Facebook group and someone in the next village was getting rid of some dog items (their dog is fine just didn’t use it) so we picked up this mud buster.

A patio with a pair of wellies, a long plastic planter, and a smaller round green pot on it. The wellies have compost in them and the words "carrots" typed on them. In the far end of the long planter are some small potato plants, the opposite side are two garlic plants. On the compost is text reading "potatoes, kale and carrots, garlic." On the compost of the small round pot text reads "broccoli.”

Gardening tips and encouragement from internet strangers.

“I’m learning to garden this year having had the gift of killing every plant I even walk past before! I posted a photo of my current attempts on Mastodon and got so many really helpful tips and lots of encouragement. It feels quite overwhelming to start growing food from nothing with no real knowledge, apart

TiLi, a small fluffy white dog, lying on a bed with her head against the pillows. One side of her face and head is shaved bald and her eye on that side is sewn closed.

Kindness helps heal dog’s glaucoma.

“My dog, TiLi, had glaucoma and had to have surgery to remove her eye. I experienced so much kindness from so many people: A specialist eye vet came out on a Saturday morning during time with his child to check her out and confirm the diagnosis. The whole team at Live Well Vets have been

Andrea takes a selfie of her and Kamal on the pavement beside a street. Andrea has a dark skin tone and short brown hair with a more orange brown section in the middle. She is smiling and wearing a high vis vest. Kamal has a medium dark skin tone and greying hair around a bald patch. He is smiling and making the thumbs up sign.

Kindness domino effect through A Good Thing.

“In 2014 Harrow in London had ten libraries, and proposals were made to close four. Kamal Shah quickly mobilised an army of people to help save the North Harrow site. Great momentum was built, but unfortunately the site was closed regardless. Kamal and a group of supporters got together to set out a plan to

close up of the dictionary listing for “safety.” The word “safety” is highlighted in pink.

Community priotises safety and kindness.

“After calling out a local event for having someone who had said and done many questionable things in a safety role for newbies, the event organiser removed them from the role. Several people also messaged me privately to thank me for calling it out because it made them feel safer and like people cared. I

Beth takes a selfie of her and Sarah. Both are smiling broadly as if they have just stopped laughing.

Who gives you a lift when you need one?

I’ve not had the best start to the year, but it has been made much brighter by wonderful people who have taken the time to reach out and chat. Beth Stallwood and I had a lovely time hanging out together and co-working. There may have been some giggles too! Who gives you a lift when

A neon festival of collaged tape convering the front side of a standard office envelope. Neon pink, green, yellow and light grey fabric tapes overlap and sit side by side creating geometrically asymetrical but non repeated patterns which are joined by irregular offcuts of the same colour and dimension. This work is tactile introducing further dimensions that exceed the imagination.

Tape art creatives show and inspire kindness.

“As part of a daily ritual I have developed an episodic called ‘Thoughts On Walks’ where I note thoughts, occasions and encounters of significance. This episode was one such occasion where kindness inspired Artistic action. The 24th August is significant for me, not least because it is my father’s birthday anniversary and I will naturally

a piece of paper with a pink and purple hand drawn pony running on it. Handwritten text along her back reads “Penelope the pony of perseverance.”

Pony of Perseverance reignites motivation for amplifying kindness.

My friend, Morwhenna Woolcock sent me a postcard of Penelope, the pony of perseverance. I’ve been having some wobbles about the Time for Kindness programme, a lot of work goes into this programme that means so much to me and sometimes I have lower confidence about getting it off the ground. So Penelope the pony