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kindness is contagious

A cork board on a blue wall with 21 pay it forward receipts on it and some hand written notes reading “if you’re struggling, don’t be afraid to ask for a free drink. Pay it forward, buy a coffee for someone in need.” And a tally chart of pay it forward drinks.

Awesome Wales customers pay it forward with coffee.

At our local zero waste store they have a pay it forward board where you can buy a coffee for someone struggling and they dish them out to anyone who comes in and can’t afford their own. It’s such a lovely idea and, as you can see from the photo, a popular one too with

A black and white photo of an older lady sitting on a wooden bench by a wooden fence. She has a wooden walking stick in her left hand which is resting on the ground between her feet. Her right hand is in front of her mouth as she hides a giggle. she is wearing a dark skirt, cardigan, and tights, carpet slippers and a light woollen hat pulled down over her ears.

A simple smile is a huge act of kindness.

“This lovely lady gave me the most adorable smile and giggle. She sat quietly amongst the rubble left by the fight on one of the main routes near the town of Ichnya where Russian forces had surrounded an agricultural community of 10,000 and used to gain ground towards the capital – Kyiv.” A simple smile

a brown paper bag decorated with black flowers hanging on a pink tiled wall. There is handwriting on the bag which reads “period products. Please take what you need.”

Seeing free period products brings smile on a hard day.

“After my Autism assessment I used the bathroom and spotted a little bag on the wall of period products for anyone to take what they need. I was super overwhelmed from everything so spotting this little kindness really helped me too.” It’s lovely to hear that seeing kindness had that effect. We’d love to hear

An oil painting of Louis, a white horse who has turned his head to look at us. He is standing in a green field with trees behind him and dandelions dotted about in the grass.

Local horse inspires kindness in local community.

“Louis of Cadbury Lane is a pony who lives alone in a field full of dandelions and other weeds near us at the end of a track in rural Wiltshire which my son named when he was about 5. Louis is always there – I don’t remember a time when he had been taken out

A large amount of boxes stacked at one side of a library.

Local business comes to the rescue of community library.

“Our local library is being refurbished thanks to local volunteers – and a local business who packed up and stored the books in a secure facility. In total Black Vault Storage removed and stored 153 boxes, or 5.2 tonnes of library goodies! They responded to a last minute call for help and have even gifted

A large group of people stood and sat on a football pitch. Some wearing football shirts.

How to spot community kindness

I believe that kindness is powerful because it connects us all as human beings. My belief in that power means that I see it in all sorts of settings. One of those settings is within communities. Dictionaries usually define a community as a group of people with something in common. This could be the place

Text reads "Let’s kick off 2024 by focusing on kindness, remembering No kindness is too small!"

The see kind 2024 challenge

Let’s kick off 2024 by focusing on kindness! We challenge you to take on the see kind challenge – all you need to do is: 👀 Notice a kindness every day of January. 🗣️ Tell us about it! You can tag us in a post you see on social media that shows kindness. We’re on

Text reads "the work you are doing is a massive tonic when we all needed a boost."

Time for Kindness gives much needed boost in challenging times

“When we started 2023, there were so many challenges and the work you are doing is a massive tonic when we all needed a boost.” I was so touched to hear this and it has only reinforced why being a kindness cheerleader is so important to me. I’ll be bringing you even more uplifting and

a woman with long grey hair tied back sitting down in a cafe and laughing while holding a box of homemade biscuits. Behind her are people milling around, socialising, and ordering drinks.

Business club attendee brings biscuits

At my local business club meeting this morning, one of the members, Kate, made Christmas biscuits for us all to have with our coffee. They were delicious! Let’s hear some more kindness at networking events stories ⬇️