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A collection of posts that show how we are part of a bigger #teamkind when we act with kindness. These stories tell us about the positive things that people do to be kind to others.

A ringing alarm clock besides text reading "Do you want to postpone?"

The kindness of clients

I have been feeling ill over the weekend and still not great today. I had a meeting with a client this morning and when I mentioned I’m not feeling 100% she immediately offered to postpone the meeting. I said I was happy to carry on, but it was really kind of her to think about […]

Screenshot of a tweet from Olivia reading "Taking time to straighten my hair! It makes me feel like a million bucks."

Small self kindnesses

Doing things that make us feel great are powerful acts of self kindness. Olivia shared that “Taking time to straighten my hair! It makes me feel like a million bucks.” Olivia absolutely deserves to feel like that, and so do you! What can you do today to make you feel amazing?

a female presenting person laying peacefully on a lawn, rays of sun shining down on her.

Garden meditation day

If you don’t get on with meditation, try mindfulness – the simple act of paying attention to right now. In your garden or a public green space is great place to start because there’s so much to pay attention to; wildlife, flowers, trees, maybe other people, and you get the benefits of being out in […]

Text reads "5 ways to be kind to yourself."

5 ways to be kind to yourself

Kindness to self is often forgotten about so here’s 5 ways you can start being kind to yourself right now. Share your own tips in the comments. 1) Learn about YOUR body. Knowing how your body (and brain) work and what quirks you have can help you notice problems sooner and find more effective ways […]

Trees in a forest viewed from below. The trunks are slim and dark but the leaves are lit by sunlight making them bright green.

Trees for Reading

Today I’m celebrating my local business community! Trees for Reading has collected enough smaller donations from businesses to plant a tree funded collectively by the local business community! Shout out to Craft Box Club UK, Organico, TDP photography, Kat Creative, The Foraging Bee and The Castle Tap. I look forward to seeing the tree which […]

The Alzheimer's Society logo on a white background with a pink border. The Time for Kindness logo in the bottom left.

Kindness for carers

Serena was struck by the kindness shown by carers to people with dementia; “They know that some questions require a gentle and even slightly ‘creative’ response rather than a truth that would be misunderstood or cause pain” she told me. She also shared a link to a wonderful article, featuring community member insights and curated […]

2 wooden model figures each holding a jigsaw piece and connecting them together to collaborate

How to collaborate

Many organisations are currently looking at their post-pandemic ways of working. One element of success will undoubtedly be how well teams and individuals can collaborate. In this blog I write about the time when I helped my daughter to refresh the posters on her bedroom wall and what that taught me about working together. For […]

A video call with 9 women all making the Break The Bias International Women's Day sign with their arms crossed in front of their chest.

Sharing my knowledge with DanceSyndrome for International Women’s Day.

I feel so lucky to be able to work pro bono sometimes. Recently I volunteered with DanceSyndrome on IWD22. I was part of a team of fabulous volunteers from the comms profession who spent the day generating ideas to help the charity reach new audiences. As I’m fond of a boogie myself, this was a […]

Nikki pulls her book, Volta, off a bookshelf in a shop.

Sharing the joy of writing

Nikki Dudley often gives away a few free spots on Mum Write workshops for mums on low incomes or from underrepresented backgrounds. Her mission is to reach as many mums as possible and encourage people of all backgrounds to write more! This a great example of embedding kindness into your business from mission statement to […]

A photo of Ilyana wearing a black graduation gown and mortar board with the university campus and blue sky behind

What if… we mentor new community members with kindness

Last month I wrote about the impact of sharing expertise with your community or wider afield. I’m delighted to follow that with this blog from corporate affairs intern, Ilyana Rajwani, sharing details of the kind welcome she received from more experienced colleagues. Another of the kindness in business stories I’m sharing this month. Being a […]