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an conference room looking out onto the Thames in London with a whiteboard by the floor to ceiling windows and several egg chairs dotted around.

Conference go-er opens water for someone.

At a conference I was trying to juggle my lunch and open a bottle of water at the same time. Another delegate noticed and poured a glass of water for me. I’d love to hear what kindness you’ve seen this week, send them in using this form. Get inspired with even more stories of kindness: […]

a train waits at a train station on platform 2.

Stranger helps elderly lady get the right train.

“I saw a guy at the station helping an older lady to get the right train for where she was going.” As we always say, no kindness is too small, and we’re sure this small act had a huge impact on that lady. Get more hopeful with these stories of kindness: All staff quiz helps

A hospital sign directing to emergency and south entrance with text overlaid reading "Young man helps stranger get to hospital.”

Young man helps stranger get to hospital.

“Yesterday at a York park and ride bus station I planned to catch a bus which would take me outside York District Hospital. This service had been discontinued therefore I had to take another bus route with an unfamiliar route to me. A young man on the bus showed me a map of the area.

a plastic bag filled with bamboo canes, two bamboo U shaped canes, large and medium sized plastic plant pots. A roll of black garden mesh leaning on a cardboard box of plants. Behind the bag are different containers with plants growing in them.

Local gifts gardening goodies in Facebook group.

“I asked on a Facebook group if anyone had any medium to large pots for me to pot on some tomato and cucumber plants and someone said they did. When I messaged them to get their address they asked if I also needed some bamboo poles and weed membrane! As a new gardener it was

Mary, a person with light skin tone and neck length thick dark hair, stands in front of a wall smiling looking away from the camera. Text overlaid reads “Freelancer offers free spots in membership to freelance friends.”

Freelancer offers free spots in membership to freelance friends.

“In a freelancer’s Facebook group I spotted a lovely kindness from Mary James who posted to say ‘I’m giving away 3 free spots in my new service based blogging membership for 3 months to friends – and I thought of you lovely lot first. Also it’s a good way to learn how Skool works, if

text reads “Celebrating kindness in small charities.”

Celebrating kindness in small charities.

Small charities are filled with acts of kindness in every area so it’s no surprise that we’re a big fan of them here at Time for Kindness. This week is Small Charities Week – a time to celebrate, amplify and support the amazing work these charities do. With that in mind, we would love to

A man wrapped up in a big coat, hat and gloves, sits in a large cardboard box on the street drinking from a take out cup. Text overlaid reads “Children give food to unhoused man.”

Children give food to unhoused man.

“When I go to my local supermarket, I chat to a homeless guy who sits outside near the trolleys. The other day as I was saying hello, a woman and her 2 primary-school age children came out. They were both carrying foodstuffs, such as juice, fruit, a few other bits and pieces, and had beaming

A wooden store with metal roof surrounded by flowers. In front of the store are a multitude of bikes parked, one has a small child with dark skin tone stood next to it. In the background is a tall building with a clock reading 11am on it.

Imran pumps bicycle tyres up after local has problem.

“I had an issue with the connector to inflate my bike tyre which led to the back one going flat on a trip to the shops. It was going to be a long walk home until I dropped by the Twyford taxi rank and asked Imran if he had a tyre inflator and could he

A hand passing a bus ticket to another hand on a bus. text overlaid reads “Stranger passes bus day ticket to fellow passenger.”

Passenger passes on day bus ticket

“Someone on the bus overheard another passenger asking how much a ticket was to Cardiff as his friend who was joining him would need one. The stranger passed him his day ticket as he’d finished with it and let him know that a day ticket is the cheapest way to travel to certain areas and

A stage on which three women are sat behind a low table. Sarah is in the middle gesturing at a book on the table, beside her Rachel is talking into a mic and looking at Sarah.

Colleague promotes book for shy author.

Rachel Collinson was being shy about talking about her book at an event, so I made sure to gesture to it so that more people in the audience would be aware of it. It was a kindness to her but also to the audience because it’s a great read and could really help them in