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A small white fluffy dog lays on a train platform. Some passengers are visible standing in sunshine on the other platform.

Couple gives person lift to work after train is cancelled.

“Thank you to the couple who where travelling to Bridgend on the 6.22 train this morning which didn’t run. You gave my son a lift too Bridgend, which meant he wouldn’t be late for work. He was really grateful. Thank you again.” I spotted this in a local Facebook group and it made me smile […]

close up of the dictionary listing for “safety.” The word “safety” is highlighted in pink.

Community priotises safety and kindness.

“After calling out a local event for having someone who had said and done many questionable things in a safety role for newbies, the event organiser removed them from the role. Several people also messaged me privately to thank me for calling it out because it made them feel safer and like people cared. I

Karyn takes a selfie with Joshua behind her. Karyn is a woman with long grey hair wearing a purple top and round glasses with yellow rims. She smiles broadly and points to a sign which reads “helpful department here” behind her. Joshua is a man with short strawberry blonde hair and a goatee wearing a blue top and black rimmed glasses. He is smiling broadly and pointing to the same sign.

Team work makes the Helpful Department work!

“I’m going to be out of town next week, so first thing this morning, I sat down with Joshua Green to make sure that the people that I coach will know that they will be able to reach out to Josh while I am away…and Josh will be able to plan proactively and arrange his

a beautiful view of a river from a stone bridge. There are trees in the distance which look golden and lush green grass. The sky is blue with just a few wispy clouds which reflect in the river.

Self kindness is a screen break.

Self kindness is a screen break, as Lynda told us: “I spent the majority of my week in front of the screen, so yesterday and today I hauled myself outside! I’ve realised I am at my most calm by running water, so I stood there for a quite a while.” How have you shown yourself

Di, a woman with light skin tone wearing glasses, tiling a small area above a sink. Two rows of blue tiles and one on the third row are in place with some white grout all around ready to have more tiles applied.

Friend tiles splashback

My lovely friend, Di, is way more practical than I am. We recently had the leaking sink in our downstairs cloakroom replaced and needed to retile the splashback. I knew Di had done tiling in her house in the past, so I asked if she would do it for me. Not only did she do

A Maidenhead United matchday board with game details for their match against Southend United.

Maidenhead Utd fans show kindness to confused Southend fans.

At Maidenhead Utd’s ground, all fans usually go through the same turnstiles to get in. But occasionally, usually for teams that are expected to bring bigger crowds of supporters with them, there is a separate away supporters entrance on a different side of the ground. On our way to the game against Southend, we came

A queue of five people waiting for an elevator. Text overlaid reads “I welcomed a visitor with a personalized sign inside our elevator.”

Personalised sign brightens visitors day.

”I am happy to share that I welcomed a visitor with a personalized sign inside our elevator. Nice surprises like that are free and impactful.” We couldn’t agree more Clare, thank you so much for sharing! Share your own story of kindness with us just like Clare did.

hands wearing yellow rubber gloves start to unroll a a roll of large black bin bags. Text overlaid reads “neighbours provide bin bags for local who ran out.”

Neighbours provide bin bags for local who ran out.

Kindness doesn’t have to be glamorous but it does make a big difference! “A neighbour put a message on our WhatsApp road group asking if anyone had any spare bin bags – we have to use a particular type and she was running out. You can buy new ones from the library but she didn’t

two guinea pigs in an outside pen next to a cardboard tube. One is small with flat black and white hair, the other is a bit bigger with fluffy, wild ginger and white hair.

Animals show kindness too

Kindness isn’t just restricted to people. Last week someone shared a story of how they had always been drawn to helping animals. This prompted someone else to talk about a time when their younger sister had saved a bee from a puddle by carefully scooping it up with the spade from her sandpit. I’ve explored