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Di, a woman with light skin tone wearing glasses, tiling a small area above a sink. Two rows of blue tiles and one on the third row are in place with some white grout all around ready to have more tiles applied.

Friend tiles splashback

My lovely friend, Di, is way more practical than I am. We recently had the leaking sink in our downstairs cloakroom replaced and needed to retile the splashback. I knew Di had done tiling in her house in the past, so I asked if she would do it for me. Not only did she do […]

A Maidenhead United matchday board with game details for their match against Southend United.

Maidenhead Utd fans show kindness to confused Southend fans.

At Maidenhead Utd’s ground, all fans usually go through the same turnstiles to get in. But occasionally, usually for teams that are expected to bring bigger crowds of supporters with them, there is a separate away supporters entrance on a different side of the ground. On our way to the game against Southend, we came

A queue of five people waiting for an elevator. Text overlaid reads “I welcomed a visitor with a personalized sign inside our elevator.”

Personalised sign brightens visitors day.

”I am happy to share that I welcomed a visitor with a personalized sign inside our elevator. Nice surprises like that are free and impactful.” We couldn’t agree more Clare, thank you so much for sharing! Share your own story of kindness with us just like Clare did.

hands wearing yellow rubber gloves start to unroll a a roll of large black bin bags. Text overlaid reads “neighbours provide bin bags for local who ran out.”

Neighbours provide bin bags for local who ran out.

Kindness doesn’t have to be glamorous but it does make a big difference! “A neighbour put a message on our WhatsApp road group asking if anyone had any spare bin bags – we have to use a particular type and she was running out. You can buy new ones from the library but she didn’t

two guinea pigs in an outside pen next to a cardboard tube. One is small with flat black and white hair, the other is a bit bigger with fluffy, wild ginger and white hair.

Animals show kindness too

Kindness isn’t just restricted to people. Last week someone shared a story of how they had always been drawn to helping animals. This prompted someone else to talk about a time when their younger sister had saved a bee from a puddle by carefully scooping it up with the spade from her sandpit. I’ve explored

A woman lying on a therapists couch in a hypnotic state while a therapist sits on a chair next to her taking notes on a clipboard. Text overlaid reads “hypnotherapist recommends alternative provider to client.”

Hypnotherapist recommends alternative provider to client.

“A hypnotherapist and fellow member of a network I’m part of, told me that a potential client had come to her for an initial exploratory call. It became clear that although the client needed something similar to what she offers, she wasn’t a complete fit. Rather than pressing ahead, she explained this to the client

A homemade pie with a piece taken out to show the insides filled with vegetables and butter beans. Text overlaid reads “Church provides 6 weeks of meals for family with sick child.”

Church provides 6 weeks of meals for family with sick child.

“When my son was diagnosed with cancer we stayed in hospital for 3 weeks. When we got home, we had food delivered and frozen for around 6 weeks. If not a bit longer. Our wonderful church family made us meals and delivered them unconditionally.” Ensuring people are getting warm, nutritional meals is so important, especially

A train waiting at a platform viewed from above at the top of the steps.

Train guard holds train as lady rushes over gritted steps.

“As I got off my train today, a lady was trying to rush down the stairs in high heels to get on the train. She called out to the train guard because the combination of weather, heavy gritting and shoes was making it difficult to move very fast. The guard held the train for the

A blue and yellow coaster with an image of a footballer in a white kit and a ball on it, text around the outside of the coaster reads “Tranmere Rovers.”

Colleague makes resin drinks coasters for everyone!

“My colleague made resin drinks coasters for everyone in the company. That’s about 25 people! Each one is individual and personalised. She knows that Tranmere Rovers has been my team almost my whole life. It was such a kind thing to do.” That really is a wonderfully kind act from a colleague, thank you so

a pair of trainers on someone’s feet standing on a tarmac road with lines of snow on it.

Passer by offers help to walker in snow

“I had to walk down a very steep hill that hadn’t been gritted, and it had snowed so was very slippy! I was holding onto the wall with one hand to stay upright. A passer by called to me that it was easier in the road and offered to help me get over to the