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An accountant lives on in her cats thanks to friendship

a tortoiseshell cat sat on a wooden floor looking intently just past the camera and a lighter coloured tortoiseshell cat snuggled on a lap.

“My accountant announced her retirement and readiness to travel. A few days later she called to say she was dying.

My gal and I drove an hour to say our farewells. At her home, we were regaled with stories of Margarett working tirelessly to finish closing off her clients books. Everything had been arranged, organized, and decided. Everything except the fate of her two tortoise cats. Her caretaker shared that she believed it was the only thing keeping her from letting go and moving on.

Kathryn and I had a short, whispered conversation and agreed to take in the two cats. Margarett didn’t react much when told of our decision, but that night she died peacefully.

Poppy and Lotus have brought us much joy these past seven years. As a bonus, they continually remind me of an accountant who became my friend.”

Thank you Dora of Yucca’s LA for sharing this beautiful story of kindness – gifting someone peace of mind at the end of their life, and providing a loving home for two gorgeous cats is real kindness, especially at such a hard time.