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acts of kindness

A collection of posts that show how kindness is an active pursuit. These positive stories cover a wide range of acts of kindness to others that people have taken.

several bookcases filled with books. Text overlaid reads “Librarian goes above and beyond.”

Librarian goes above and beyond.

What kindness have you seen recently that could also be described as “just doing their job”? In the library, I asked a librarian to look up whether they had any other books by the same author who wrote one of the books I was returning. It turned out that there are a couple of her […]

A beautiful orange-brown medium sized dog sitting on the backseat of a car. His face turned to the camera, tongue hanging out of his open mouth.

Dog photos bring a smile to dog lover.

I sent photos of my friend’s dog to my social media manager because I know she’s having a tough time and photos of dogs make her smile and feel a bit better. Even more animal themed stories of kindness to give you a grin if you’re struggling too: Archie the kind, hospital cat. Pet-sitting. Friend

A pair of bright yellow Doc Marten shoes with a floral design on them sitting on a pink chair.

Friend gives away new Doc Martens.

“A friend gave me her new Doc Martens because she doesn’t wear yellow. I was having a really hard time so it was an especially lovely gesture and really appreciated – they certainly suit my ”children’s TV presenter chic’ style which helped reconnect me to myself and my joy.” What a kind, generous friend! We’d

Blackfriars station, a steel seat on the left under the Blackfriars sign. Text overlaid reads "TfL staff member does his job with an extra sprinkling of kindness.”

TfL staff member does his job with an extra sprinkling of kindness.

Lucy got in touch to tell us about some kindness she witnessed at Blackfriars train station in London. She saw a member of Transport for London staff helping an elderly couple who were a bit confused about how to top up an Oyster card and what ticket to get. Lucy said that this man didn’t

a beautiful view of a river from a stone bridge. There are trees in the distance which look golden and lush green grass. The sky is blue with just a few wispy clouds which reflect in the river.

Self kindness is a screen break.

Self kindness is a screen break, as Lynda told us: “I spent the majority of my week in front of the screen, so yesterday and today I hauled myself outside! I’ve realised I am at my most calm by running water, so I stood there for a quite a while.” How have you shown yourself

a blue ceramic mug filled with mocha, chocolate dust on top of the froth, sat on a wooden table.

Coffee shop makes coffee extra hot for volunteer.

“Awesome made my coffee extra hot so it would still be warm when my friend made it back to the repair café. Such a small thing but I appreciated it so much – and the mocha was delicious as always, a perfect boost during a very busy morning.” We’ve heard about some very kind baristas lately – what’s

view of the front wheels and section above of an electric wheelchair with a shopping basket resting on it, in a supermarket. Text overlaid reads “Di gets breadsticks from top shelf for wheelchair user in Sainsburys.”

Di gets breadsticks from top shelf for wheelchair user in Sainsburys.

My lovely friend Di helped a wheelchair user in Sainsburys by reaching some breadsticks down for them from the top shelf, she also checked if there was anything else they needed. Get some more positivity in your day with our other stories of kindness: Local offers lift to bank in town as one in village

A large table filled with books. On the front is a large piece of paper with “book swap” in decorative lettering on it

Work book swap embeds kindness in culture.

“My work has a book swap table where people can leave books they’ve read or don’t want and anyone can take books home from it.” Initiatives like this are such a great way to bring more kindness to the workplace. What does your workplace do? More kindness at work: Regular customer gifts money to staff