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acts of kindness

A collection of posts that show how kindness is an active pursuit. These positive stories cover a wide range of acts of kindness to others that people have taken.

A laptop with a main screen and a smaller second screen above the keyboard, rests on its side with a green plastic corner on the top screen. Both screens are on. Around the laptop on the table are various tools for fixing electronics.

Laptop fixed and dropped off by Repair Café volunteer.

“One of the volunteers at my local Repair Café replaced my laptop screen – they took it home to do it and even dropped it back off to me as I don’t drive. It was kind enough of them to fix it but dropping it off too meant I didn’t have to either wait a […]

Two almost identical glass bottles of Coca Cola on a wooden table. The glass on the left is clear whereas on the right there is a slight green tinge, the bottle on the right also has an extra information sticker on it. The Coca-Cola label on the left bottle has two extra bits of information under the logo which are not on the bottle on the right.

Coca-Cola expert buys coke for tourists.

“We popped into a wee shop next to our hotel to get juice and, while we were in there, we got talking to a guy who was telling us the difference between Mexican coke and American coke (it’s all in the sugar apparently). We just assumed the guy worked there and thought no more about

A woman with dark skin tone and straight black shoulder length hair sits in a car smiling broadly and making a thumbs up. Text overlaid reads “women’s group attendee offers lift home.”

Women’s group attendee offers lift home.

“I am part of a group of wonderful women who meet up once a month to share chat and general support. After our most recent lunch, I mentioned that I was heading to the station and hoping that I would be able to catch a train soon because they had all been delayed earlier in

a toddler in a pushchair holding a small toy and smiling at the camera. Text overlaid reads "Strangers team up to help get pushchair down stairs.”

Strangers team up to help get pushchair down stairs.

“A nice man carrying a bulky parcel, offered to help a women carry her pram down the tube steps. Parcel in one arm, the other clutching the base of the pram, they slowly got to the bottom step by step. What a gent! But as they turned the corner, they faced another set of stairs,

A photo of Rupa and Vardeep under a banner for their Courageous Collective podcast

What if… we support others by sharing stories?

This month’s guest blog highlights the impact you can have when you support other people to share their stories. Rupa and Vardeep are experienced communication professionals who bring their skills to this area of kindness and share practical suggestions for how you can do the same. Throughout our working lives, we’ve both had moments of

a café in San Francisco with tables with mosaic tops in pastel earth tones and wooden chairs sat round them. A person sits at a table in the centre of the shot. The wall beyond is filled with old photographs in brown and gold frames. The café is well lit with natural light and cosy but spacious.

San Franciscan offers directions and local advice to tourist.

“A kindly stranger helped us find the City Lights book store when she noticed we looked lost. After giving directions she said we must visit this café nearby. Francis Ford Coppola wrote The Godfather here! It’s so nice and the barista was so friendly. San Franciscans are so friendly!” How wonderful! Big thank you to

asylum forms, a pen, notepad and pair of glasses lying on a table. Text overlaid reads "Acquaintance offers bed to enable good nights sleep before asylum appointment.”

Acquaintance offers bed to enable good nights sleep before asylum appointment.

“A friend of a friend offered to host an asylee and me overnight so that we could make the 5-hour drive to Washington, D.C. the day before and get some sleep before an early asylum appointment.” There are so many acts of kindness within this one story that we were sent. What kindness have you

several bookcases filled with books. Text overlaid reads “Librarian goes above and beyond.”

Librarian goes above and beyond.

What kindness have you seen recently that could also be described as “just doing their job”? In the library, I asked a librarian to look up whether they had any other books by the same author who wrote one of the books I was returning. It turned out that there are a couple of her

A beautiful orange-brown medium sized dog sitting on the backseat of a car. His face turned to the camera, tongue hanging out of his open mouth.

Dog photos bring a smile to dog lover.

I sent photos of my friend’s dog to my social media manager because I know she’s having a tough time and photos of dogs make her smile and feel a bit better. Even more animal themed stories of kindness to give you a grin if you’re struggling too: Archie the kind, hospital cat. Pet-sitting. Friend