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Football fans display kindness in Maidenhead

Kez and Tris sit on seats in a clubhouse, people milling around and a TV showing sports in the background. Kez is wearing a football scarf and holding a magazine.

While in the clubhouse bar before a match at Maidenhead FC a couple of weeks ago, my husband, daughter and I were standing with our drinks and having a chat – there were no available seats. It was about half an hour until kick off and freezing cold (it was an evening game) so preferable to stand in the clubhouse than be outside for too long before the game.

A lad in his 20s made a point of coming over to us and offering us the seats he and his mates were just leaving because they were going outside already. We thought it was kind of him to tell us they were going, not just leave – we wouldn’t have noticed because we were chatting and looking the other way.