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Allen and Harris estate agents show kindness

The Allen and Harris estate agents office in Oxford Rose Hill.

Our car had broken down, and the decision was made that whilst I caught a bus to work, my husband would ring and wait for the breakdown people to arrive. As he was working too, he was hot-spotting from the car which whilst not ideal, could have been worse.

Then, after a series of unfortunate events, my husband managed to break his phone meaning that he couldn’t answer any calls, had no concept of time and needed to consider his next steps – not the best start to a workday morning.

My husband is pretty resourceful so in the hope of getting some help, he saw there was an estate agents nearby so went in, explained the situation, and asked if he could use their phone to contact the breakdown company to tell them of his predicament. The estate agents not only let him use their phone but allowed him to sit at a spare desk in their office so he could work remotely until the breakdown company turned up to look at our car.

Thank you to the lovely people at Allen and Harris Estate Agents of Oxford Rose Hill for helping my husband during this problematic time!