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These stories share acts of kindness from real people in every day life. #ProjectAmplifyKindness is about changing the balance of the narrative about the world and how people behave.

Shereen, a tall Black woman with short red hair, standing beside Danielle, a shorter Black woman with long black hair in a bun, in a Boots store. They are both smiling.

A Boots employee saves the day

Let’s celebrate Danielle, the Boots employee who saved the day! “Even with the best planning in the world, there’s always something that goes wrong 😫. We took over a house to do an intense day of filming. Camera crew, photographer everything was booked and sorted. Everyone arrived minus the makeup artist and all l had […]

a pharmacist with long black hair wearing a white coat reaches for some medication from a shelf in the back of a pharmacy.

Kindness of pharmacists

I went to collect a prescription for my husband and the queue was really long, but he needs the tablets so there was no option for me to come back another day. There was a lot of huffing & puffing in the queue, but people were generally resigned to waiting. I heard the poor woman […]

A white badge with two hearts and a daffodil in the centre, text around the edge reads “proud to be a donor. WelshBlood.Org.Uk” in English and Welsh.

World Blood Donor Day 2022

How many times have you donated blood? For those who are able to, donating blood is a wonderful way to make kindness a regular part of your life. Carys has given blood 41 times so far and is still going strong! Are you inspired to book a blood donation session?

Closed glass doors with posters pinned to them, the largest reads “polling station” and under that opening times of 7am til 10pm.

Kind words for a political opponent

Could you be kind to an opposing political candidate? This wonderful story of kindness in politics came from an anonymous election candidate. “Standing on the stage as the results of the election were announced, I was tired and emotional (to say the least). I knew that despite my personal disappointment I would need to follow […]

a sign reading "this is children's and teenagers football. This is a game. The coaches are volunteers. The referees are human. this is not the world cup. Please show respect."

Grass roots football

It would simply not be possible for grass roots football (and other sports) to happen without all sorts of volunteers. Coaches, referees, the people who run the line, the people in the tea bars, club trustees, fixture secretaries, drivers, tournament schedulers – the list goes on… Thank you to every single one of the volunteers […]

Jenna, a white woman with short curly blonde hair, stands beside a beach as the sunsets wearing sunglasses and smiling at the camera.

Sharing support and advice

Sharing what’s helped you is a huge kindness and that’s exactly what Jenna did on our post about Sarah’s needle phobia. Jenna left a wonderful comment explaining her own experience and some suggestions to help Sarah. “I have white coat hypertension and I’m not good with needles either. I used to faint when having blood […]

A large pink Care Bear and a small pink Care Bear sit on steps beside each other.

Learning kindness from children

“If you ever want to be encouraged that there is kindness in the world, Lucy and I were reading a book and she was confused that the little children asleep didn’t have teddies. When I told her they didn’t have one she offered the children in the book hers. Let’s approach the world a bit […]

Sarah sitting on stage with a head mic as part of a panel at a Charity Meetup event

NHS Charities Together

Last week I ran a session at the NHS Charities Together conference about building a comms strategy. I love doing that sort of thing, it was definitely a kindness to myself to be back in the room with real people. It was so exciting, I forgot to take many photos! And I was definitely overwhelmed […]

Caroline outside holding a coffee on a beautiful sunny day.

Joyous connections

“Basking in the sunshine with my coffee this morning reflecting on a wonderfully stimulating, joyful, exciting conversation with Nina Callard and Alison Ive. Connections like this, full of shared purpose, passion and energy absolutely fill me up to the brim. Collaboration rocks.” I love this story of kindness to self from Caroline. Such a beautiful […]

A white cupcake in a rainbow case with white icing and a single candle lit in the middle of it.

A happy birthday

I was on the train into Victoria Station and as we pulled into the station, the driver did the usual announcements and then said that it was his co-driver’s birthday and when we were passing the cab, we might like to say Happy Birthday to her. As we walked passed the cab, that is exactly […]