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These stories share acts of kindness from real people in every day life. #ProjectAmplifyKindness is about changing the balance of the narrative about the world and how people behave.

a small, vintage camper van on the back of a recovery vehicle.

Stranger helps move broken down campervan into side street.

“During rush hour on Burford hill (a little Cotswold town on a steep hill), the clutch on our campervan packed in. I was on my own in a broken-down van, and I became a very unpopular being. Traffic was at a halt. Cars and trucks revved angrily as they passed. I kept my head down […]

Grace Petrie, a woman with light skin tone and short brown hair, playing the guitar and singing into a microphone. Overlaid is text reading “Grace Petrie, UK Tour 2024/2025” and the dates and venues.

Grace Petrie chooses kindness and accessibility for UK tour.

“One of my favourite music artists, Grace Petrie, recently changed the venue for some of her tour dates after learning they weren’t accessible. I was so thrilled to see this – it’s such a kindness and I’m sure it created a lot of extra work behind the scenes, so that she chose kindness and prioritising

A tube train pulling into a tube station. Text overlaid reads “Kindness of Londoners demonstrated on the Tube."

Kindness of Londoners demonstrated on the Tube.

“A lady gestured for me to go in front of her getting on to the Tube in London. I said ‘thank you’ and she said ‘you’re welcome’. Proof that Londoners are kind and that kindness creates connection, however brief.” Even more stories of kindness: Kindness at the CiPD Festival of Work. Kindness in friendship looks

A full football stadium of fans at a Euro 2024 match.

Headteacher lets kids come in later after Euro finals.

“Our headteacher is letting kids come in late on Monday so they can watch the Euro finals. That’s kindness!” Sports related kindness holds a special place in my heart so I really loved this story from Joanne – and I’d love to hear yours too! More stories of kindness in sports: Receptionist lends shoes to

Someone taking a stroke as they wild swim at sunset. Text overlaid reads "Someone stopped to take a picture of me wild swimming and sending it to me after."

Someone stopped to take a picture of me wild swimming and sending it to me after.

A big thank you to Georgina who told us about this story of kindness she experienced over on Instagram; “Someone stopped to take a picture of me wild swimming and sending it to me after.” Get even more stories of kindness: London Marathon spectator provides ankle support to struggling runner. Hobbycraft employee offers cold water

a small Jack Russell Terrier with a red hardness on attached to a lead being held by someone out of frame. Text overlaid reads “Dog walkers hold escaped dogs.”

Dog walkers hold escaped dogs.

“My dogs ran over road to say hello to some other dogs they saw. I was in a panic trying to get down the bank with a dodgy knee but thankfully the other people held them until I could get to them.” Send us your stories of kindness so we can share them with even

a stripy rainbow sock beside text reading “Someone picked up a sock I lost and found me to give it back.”

Lost sock returned.

“Someone picked up a sock I lost and found me to give it back.” We always say that no kindness is too small and this great example from Georgina shows just that! Discover even more acts of kindness to remind you how much there is happening every single day: Stranger pays for car park fees

7 unicorns in different sizes, colours and styles sitting on a bed in front of a cardboard box that they came out of.

Online friend posts unicorns to Autistic unicorn fan.

“During a Mastodon chat I happened to mention my love of unicorns and someone said that they’d been gifted lots as their work logo used to be a unicorn – would I like them. I leapt at the chance and a week later a box stuffed with 7 unicorns in various sizes, colours and styles

Screenshot of a video call with 15 people on the screen, including Sarah. Everyone is smiling or laughing and looks really friendly and happy.

Attendees support class host having tech issues.

“At an online convention 1 of the classes had a lot of tech issues & a lot of attendees left. The presenter was so stressed & apologetic but the attendees who hung in there were super supportive & kept saying the presenter was doing great and cheering them on.” People are kind – here’s some

a person wearing bright rainbow coloured Lucky and Yak dungarees. They are holding a dog lead.

Runner compliments Lucy & Yak dungarees.

“While walking my dogs a runner went past, we did the good morning and nod and then they said they love my dungarees. It made me smile – I love my Lucy and Yak dungarees too!” A simple compliment is a great way to spread a smile and kindness – how can you do that