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What if… we come together in kindness?

We start 2022 with a guest blog from internal comms professional, Monique Noel Brown. In it she shares how she used her communication skills to connect with a community of kind individuals at a time of distress when her cat needed expensive treatment. Oftentimes you’ll hear your friends, family – strangers passing in the street […]

A chalkboard that reads Welcome, please come in

Need help spreading messages of kindness in 2022?

If so, Time for Kindness is now open for the new year. I can work with you to achieve your vision of kindness by communicating more effectively and motivating people to take actions. Communication is regularly cited as needing improvement, but there are always things you can do to make it better. As I often […]

Sarah wearing a hoodie with "kindness matters" written on it. She is smiling broadly, a large lake behind her. Text reads "Wishing you much love and kindness for 2022 and beyond"

Day 31 – thank you

#ProjectAmplifyKindness and Time for Kindness started as a bit of an idea in late 2020. I wanted to change the balance of the narrative and celebrate the kindness that I believe exists in the world but which we rarely seem to talk about. In January 2021, the little idea became an Instagram account, with the […]

a photo of some of the donated coats hanging up in the shop space

Day 30 – donate quality clothes

Share kindness and donate quality clothes and stuff that you no longer need to your local charity shop. Just like when @visitbanbury undertook the distribution of lots of wonderful donated items in November this year. The items had come from local people to be given to others within their community in Banbury. This was part […]

someone bending over towards the Time For Kindness logo. Text reads "Pick something up for a stranger"

Day 28 – help a stranger

Share kindness by helping a stranger pick up something they dropped. One of my firm beliefs about kindness, is that the vast majority of us would help someone in the street if they dropped their shopping. The pandemic and lockdowns over the past couple of years have made it trickier in practice. But the urge […]

Akua and 2 of her fellow volunteers at the Netball World Cup

Day 27 – understand their interests

Earlier in the year, I met a wonderful person called Akua, who wrote a blog for me about the kindness of volunteering. During our conversation about the piece that she wanted to write, she told me about the events that she has been involved in as a volunteer. These included Cancer Research UK’s Race for […]

A person stands with arms outstretched in front of a moody night sky and a lit up heart shape of self-compassion

Day 26 – impact of your actions

Channel your inner Mma Ramotswe from the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series of books. She is an incredibly kind lady and always thinks about the impact of her actions on others. You could take today to think about what will make other people happy in the actions that you take. Here’s a few quick […]

Text with a compliment that reads 'Your cooking is amazing!'

Day 25 – pay a compliment

It’s easy to share kindness when you pay a friend or stranger a compliment. ‘It’s nice to be nice’ is a cliché for a reason! Spread some extra kindness today and tag a friend or loved one to give them 1 or all of these 9 compliments: “You always have something nice to say.”“You make […]

a family sit around a table filled with food and wine. Two older people, one in a wheelchair, with children on their laps, as two adults hold drinks and smile looking at them

Day 24 – talk about kindness

Amplify kindness by instigating conversations about kindness with your friends and family. Don’t get sucked into focussing on what’s going wrong in the world over the dinner table. You could: share your favourite kindness story from this website, talk about a kindness you saw earlier that day or tell them a good news story you […]

A cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit on a Christmas table cloth in front of the box of biscuits from Sarah's neighbours

Day 23 – give and take with neighbours

My next door neighbours have just had new windows fitted. Since we live in 3-storey houses, they had to have scaffolding put on the back of the house so that the window fitters could reach the top floor! So what’s that got to do with kindness? Well, the scaffolding has blocked the signal to our […]