a community shop sign that says sorry, we’re closed but still awesome

Signs for community

For the last few years, Matt Turbeville from Flowerland of Athens, Georgia has been putting up funny and uplifting signs outside the store. His signs make people in the community smile to such an extent that they have become local legends. The ethos of the family-run florist had always been to be part of the […]

a yellow background with 2 bright pink tickets on it - one says Kindfest 2021, the other one has a picture of a present

KindFest 2021

Whoop! Whoop! I just bought my ticket for KindFest 2021. Last year’s online festival of kindness was one of the highlights of my year. I know what you’re thinking – 2020 didn’t provide much in the way of competition for highlights – but KindFest would have been near the top of my 2019 list too! […]

a white square with the Time for Kindness logo and the words Share Your Expertise across the middle

Share your expertise

A great way to be kind is to share your expertise. At my local networking group, Woodley Business Club, yesterday our speaker was Charlotte Haye from a copy-writing company called Eleven Eight. She gave a great talk about writing blogs for your business. She was really generous with the advice she shared, from how to […]

A photograph of beautiful white and pink blossom against the background of a bright blue sky

What if… we prioritise kindness to self?

Today is World Mental Health Day. So I am delighted to bring to you this guest blog written by Sarah Tite, Director of Fundraising and Communications at the Mental Health Foundation. In it she shares a difficult time she experienced and how being kind to herself helped her to move forward. At the heart of […]

Sarah sitting on a balcony with a lake in the background and wearing a black hoodie with the words kindness matters on the front

Being kind to myself

I’m focusing on being kind to myself today – well, it is my birthday 🎂🥳 ❤ Wearing my fabulous new hoodie from @kindshop.co.uk ❤ Pretty & sparkly new nails from @izzybnails ❤ Starting a new painting after an art mentoring session with @jane_beinart_artist I’ve also been for tea and cake with one of my sisters and had toasted […]

a hand-written note from the man who found the lost wallet which reads ‘I have found your documents. I would be happy to return it. Call me please.’

Lost wallet

“I just wanted to make someone’s day happier!” I love this kindness story, shared by Beccie D’Cunha via LinkedIn. She explains, “I lost my wallet on Saturday night. I got this note through the door on Sunday. “The man who left me this note was cycling along when he spotted my driving licence in the […]

A screenshot from the furloughed fundraisers chat facebook page showing a drawing of multi-coloured hands with a white heart on the highest hand

Furlough support

The Furloughed Fundraisers Chat group set up on Facebook in March 2020 by fundraiser Nikki Wrench is a fantastic example of mutual kindness and support. Nikki explains, “When the furlough scheme was announced in March 2020 I, like many others, got the call to say that my role was being furloughed. I knew that many […]

A magenta square with the Time for Kindness logo in the corner and the quote "Never underestimate the power of being a decent human being"

The power we all hold

“Never underestimate the power of being a decent human being.” This quote came from Tessa Hull from Messy and Successy at the Online Business Summit organised by online business coach, Lizzy Goddard. Hearing Tess say it in her presentation really made my day. Because I think it too! That’s exactly why I started Time for […]

the words kindness is cool whatever age you are against a multicolored background

Kindness can start at any age…

My friend took her 4-year-old grandson, O, to the beach near where they live the other day. They had a play and then had some chips 🍟 As is the way with British seaside weather, it was a bit rainy and chilly so they had their chips in a shelter. When O saw a toddler […]

a magnum ice cream in a wrapper on a wooden counter top, with the words “She paid for mine as well” and 2 hashtags, Project Amplify Kindness and Kindness of Strangers

Anyone for ice cream?

This kindness story comes to us from my friend and business coach, the lovely Debs Henry-Pollard. “There is an ice cream van comes to my road every day in the summer and I have never used it. Last week, on a whim, I decided to go down and get a Magnum. “The van didn’t take […]