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These stories share acts of kindness from real people in every day life. #ProjectAmplifyKindness is about changing the balance of the narrative about the world and how people behave.

A cup of coffee on with 2 sugar sticks and a spoon on the saucer. Text above reads “Gaynor restores faith in humanity after stranger’s car trouble.”

Gaynor restores faith in humanity after stranger’s car trouble.

“I had a bit of a crappy day on 12th March as I found myself with a puncture. I managed to crawl around a roundabout with hazards on and made it on to Moss Way. I rang my tyre man – he was on annual leave for another week. I rang the RAC who told […]

a view of Aberthaw nature reserve. In the foreground is an area of long grasses. Beyond that there is a large lake with an island in the middle on which a swam is sitting. Beyond the lake is an area of trees, bushes and grass, with a stone building with a large chimney in the middle of it which is all getting overtaken my nature. The sky is filled with soft white clouds which make it look a greyish blue.

Wild Britain inspires kindness to nature

Have you seen Countryfile’s Wild Britain project – it’s full of people doing acts of kindness for nature! Near me there are 2169 acts of kindness to nature happening, and near our social media manager there are 1656. That’s a lot of kindness! Get involved yourself or use it as another place to find kindness

7 of people stood outside Ô Fées Tout restaurant on a sunny day.

Jeanie gives friends a lift to restaurant.

“I picked up Judith and Sharron to take them to Ladies Lunch out!” Giving a lift is such a simple every day kindness that can make a big difference to someone, whether that’s to a restaurant for a meal out with friends, or anywhere else. Thank you Jeanie for sharing this with us. Even more

a woman with long black hair, wearing a brown coat and denim skirt. She is holding a phone and smiling while leaning against a white wall. Text overlaid reads "Stranger shares data so friend can be contacted abroad.”

Stranger shares data so friend can be contacted abroad.

“On holiday in the US I was waiting in a bar for the friend I was staying with to finish work. I had run out of data and there was – unbelievably – no wifi at the bar, so I couldn’t get on line to top up. And I needed to WhatsApp my friend and tell

Players from AFC Wimbledon and Portsmouth on the pitch near a goal during a football match.

Football fan sent uplifting story by someone with no interest in sports.

My social media manager sent me a link to an uplifting football story – she isn’t a football person herself but she knew it would make me smile when I was feeling under the weather. The story was of AFC Wimbledon shared by John Green, and here it is ⬇️ Have a football themed, or

A pair of hands holds a net of lemons to scan them at a supermarket. Beyond the hands is a conveyor belt of shopping.

Supermarket super kindness

My hairdresser told me about a kindness in the supermarket. She noticed that the man behind her was only buying a couple of items and so she let him go in front of her. He was really grateful and while they were waiting for it to be his turn, he explained to Lynn that he

A pair of bright yellow Doc Marten shoes with a floral design on them sitting on a pink chair.

Friend gives away new Doc Martens.

“A friend gave me her new Doc Martens because she doesn’t wear yellow. I was having a really hard time so it was an especially lovely gesture and really appreciated – they certainly suit my ”children’s TV presenter chic’ style which helped reconnect me to myself and my joy.” What a kind, generous friend! We’d

Blackfriars station, a steel seat on the left under the Blackfriars sign. Text overlaid reads "TfL staff member does his job with an extra sprinkling of kindness.”

TfL staff member does his job with an extra sprinkling of kindness.

Lucy got in touch to tell us about some kindness she witnessed at Blackfriars train station in London. She saw a member of Transport for London staff helping an elderly couple who were a bit confused about how to top up an Oyster card and what ticket to get. Lucy said that this man didn’t

Karyn takes a selfie with Joshua behind her. Karyn is a woman with long grey hair wearing a purple top and round glasses with yellow rims. She smiles broadly and points to a sign which reads “helpful department here” behind her. Joshua is a man with short strawberry blonde hair and a goatee wearing a blue top and black rimmed glasses. He is smiling broadly and pointing to the same sign.

Team work makes the Helpful Department work!

“I’m going to be out of town next week, so first thing this morning, I sat down with Joshua Green to make sure that the people that I coach will know that they will be able to reach out to Josh while I am away…and Josh will be able to plan proactively and arrange his