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These stories share acts of kindness from real people in every day life. #ProjectAmplifyKindness is about changing the balance of the narrative about the world and how people behave.

Two children playing in the sand on a beach with buckets and spades while someone holding the phone holds a cardboard container of cod bites and chips. It is a beautiful sunny day.

Stranger gives spare cod bites and chips to family.

“Last week we were on holiday in Bournemouth. A lady came over and said they had been given some cod bites and chips that they didn’t need (duplicate order) and would we like them? It was a lovely act of kindness from a stranger. The children really enjoyed them. The lady said she didn’t want […]

The inside of a car with someone wearing a white shirt and grey trousers driving. Only their hands and legs and the front of the car are visible. Text overlaid reads “My husband’s train to work was cancelled. He contacted a colleague to let them know he’d be late and they offered him a lift to the office.”

Colleague offers a lift.

We’ve had so many lift stories lately – what other every day kindness have you come across? Let us know here. “My husband’s train to work was cancelled. He contacted a colleague to let them know he’d be late and they offered him a lift to the office.” Feeling like you can’t see any kindness,

A digital kindness ambassador badge with the words wrapped around an illustration of 2 arms and hands encircling the world and the Time for Kindness logo in the corner

Become a kindness ambassador

Debs is a wonderful Kindness Ambassador and she has kindly shared why she loves it to inspire you to get involved too. Become a Kindness Ambassador yourself and experience all the benefits – get all the information you need here. With thanks to Debs and Nicolas Laborie.

Two small fluffy dogs chewing on some bones from the butchers very happily.

Butchers give free dog bones.

“My local butcher sells bags of bones for dogs for £1 – I nipped in for some but didn’t have any cash so they let me have the bag for free. The dogs really appreciated it too!” There are so many amazing businesses out there showing kindness, we love to hear about them! TfL staff

The inside of a passenger train. Text overlaid reads “stranger lets passenger know he’d left his wallet.”

Stranger lets passenger know he’d left his wallet.

“I pointed out a guy on the train had left his wallet on the seat as he was about to get off.” A true everyday kindness superhero! What small kindness have you seen or done today? Tell us here. Need some more reminders that there’s a lot of kindness in the world? Give these a

The door to a changing room cubicle slightly open. The number 5 is on the door beside a large handle.

Parents show kindness outside changing rooms.

“I was shopping with my teenager for a prom outfit for after her exams. We went into the changing rooms and it looked like all the cubicles were full. There was another Mum standing outside one of the cubicles while her child tried some things on and she told me that there was an empty

asylum forms, a pen, notepad and pair of glasses lying on a table. Text overlaid reads "Acquaintance offers bed to enable good nights sleep before asylum appointment.”

Acquaintance offers bed to enable good nights sleep before asylum appointment.

“A friend of a friend offered to host an asylee and me overnight so that we could make the 5-hour drive to Washington, D.C. the day before and get some sleep before an early asylum appointment.” There are so many acts of kindness within this one story that we were sent. What kindness have you

Sarah sits on a seat beside some steps eating a baguette and smiling.

Husband makes sandwich for wife’s busy day

I recently had a busy day of meetings in London, where I would be dashing from one thing to another. Tris made me a packed lunch to take with me so that I could have something to eat between meetings. More stories of kindness to help you see it: Strangers help after mobility scooter fails.

A black, kidney shaped glass desk with a computer on it. Text overlaid reads “Sister collects table from Marketplace seller.”

Sister collects table from Marketplace seller

“I was selling my table on Facebook marketplace and the sister of the person who bought it came and picked it up because she lived closer. I thought this was super kind because it meant the desk left my house sooner, and the new owner didn’t have to rush around or rearrange things to try

Close up of part of a black post with a sticker on it. The sticker reads “hello stranger, just checking in. I wanted to remind you that you’re doing great! Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.” At the end is the Instagram logo beside MessagesOf.Hope.

Messages of Hope sticker brings a smile

“While out and about in Barry I spotted this sticker on a lamp post. It’s such a small thing but it brought a smile to my face.” We love this! Messages Of Hope do such great work (check them out on Instagram and their website) and this is a clear example of the difference a