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positive news

These positive news stories cover a wide range of acts of kindness to others that people have taken.

A screen mounted on a wall which shows a photo of staff wearing maroon alongside text saying "vets wear maroon." Beside the screen are photos and names of pets.

Vets screen update increases accessibility.

“My vets, Live Well Llantrisant, is so accessible for my Autistic brain and I consider it a huge kindness – they’ve recently included slides on their screen to show what colour each type of staff member wears so you know who you’re speaking to. Obviously when at the vets it’s usually for something stressful so […]

Andrea takes a selfie of her and Kamal on the pavement beside a street. Andrea has a dark skin tone and short brown hair with a more orange brown section in the middle. She is smiling and wearing a high vis vest. Kamal has a medium dark skin tone and greying hair around a bald patch. He is smiling and making the thumbs up sign.

Kindness domino effect through A Good Thing.

“In 2014 Harrow in London had ten libraries, and proposals were made to close four. Kamal Shah quickly mobilised an army of people to help save the North Harrow site. Great momentum was built, but unfortunately the site was closed regardless. Kamal and a group of supporters got together to set out a plan to

A femme presenting person with shoulder length blonde hair, stands outside wearing a short sleeved floral top and black trousers. She is holding an umbrella which is open in alternating blue and white colours with the word “England” and the English rose on two of the white sections.

122 umbrellas sent with kindness to 11 different charities across the UK.

With all this rain it was a huge kindness to see Preseli giving a way 122 umbrellas via A Good Thing . Thanks to Preseli’s generous willingness to post the umbrellas, they reached 11 different charities, spread right across the country. From Swansea Asylum Seekers Support to Rise & Shine Lancashire and Anthony Seddon Fund. Another

A section of the Monsal Trail. A flat path with long grass and trees either side. A stone bridge goes over the path a little further down. Several people are underneath the bridge.

Strangers help after mobility scooter fails.

“A family from Barnsley and Nottingham went above and beyond on Saturday lunchtime to help a damsel in distress! My lovely husband Pete and I had set out on a walk with my ‘trusty’ (as I thought) all singing, all dancing, electric mobility scooter. Sterling we call her and she can tackle all terrain and goes

A square cake with spanner, saw, screwdriver, pliers and hammer on the top. In front is a sign saying the Barry Repair Café is celebrating it's first anniversary in March 2024.

Repair Café volunteer bakes celebratory cake.

“Our repair café (find them on Facebook here) celebrated its first anniversary this month and one of the volunteers made an amazing cake to celebrate. She already does a lot for the café by being one of the excellent fabric fixers so to also make such a wonderful cake was above and beyond – it

A view of a Lidl supermarket from outside. Text overlaid reads "Customer pays for someone else’s shopping in Lidl."

Customer pays for someone else’s shopping in Lidl.

I was in Lidl and the customer 2 ahead of me was having trouble with his bank card – the card machine wouldn’t read it. Everyone was waiting patiently but he was getting more embarrassed each time it wouldn’t work. The people in front of me then said they would pay for his shopping. It

A green wall outside in London. On it hang some coats under a small ledge, some shoes near the floor under another small ledge, space for books and other things. Around the wall are notices to say take or leave a coat, shoes, books, or other items at this wall of kindness.

Visiting the wall of kindness on London’s Southbank.

Have you seen a wall of kindness? On the Southbank in London recently, I was delighted to come across a kindness wall. I’ve heard about them in various countries around the world, but this was the first time I’d seen one in person. These walls provide somewhere for you to both drop off or take

a wildfire sweeping through a forest. Text overlaid reads “Community comes together to support each other during wildfires.”

Community comes together to support each other during wildfires.

“I’m writing from the Valparaíso Region in Chile where we recently had some horrendous wildfires (131 dead, up to 30,000 people displaced/homeless) and I would like to share just how much the community has reached out to help one another. The volunteer firefighters who spent 5 days combatting the fires; the scores of vets and

a nature reserve with small hills of very long grass and plains of shorter grass. There are some bushes dotted around. The sky is bright blue.

Stranger helps find 3 boys lost in Sutton Park.

“I took our boys (aged 9, 12 and 13) to Sutton Park. We had never visited before and it seemed like a good place for a half term catch up and undertake the 8 mile circular walk. Our boys were less enthusiastic shall we say. Unfortunately about an hour in the boys wondered and explored