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Bus driver shows kindness to passengers struggling with luggage

A selection of large rucksacks and bags on a wooden floor.

“We always find ourselves well laden when travelling by public transport at Christmas.

I had a large rucksack on my back and a small rucksack on my front, husband a large rucksack on his back and a big box in his arms.

The first interchange was metro to train. As we came up the escalators, the metro worker saw husband was laden and so approached him to help him through the barriers as they were narrower than the box being carried.

The next interchange was train to bus, which was further than anticipated and the timetable we were following was out of date. So we sat down at the wrong bus bay.
On realising our error I abandoned luggage with husband to determine the correct bus bay.

When I found the bus bay (the opposite end of the bus station), our bus was about to leave (our out of date timetable said we had a further 20mins). On talking to the bus driver the next bus was in an hours time. However the bus driver said he would wait for us. I explained we were the other side of the bus station with lots of luggage, but he was still happy to wait.

When he saw husband carrying the box he came out of his bus to help and kindly placed it in the luggage rack for us.

Finally when we reached our destination he did the reverse wished us a happy Christmas and as he drove away he gave us a beep and a big wave.”

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