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Home » Short Stories about Kindness » New Year’s Day Cat Rescue

New Year’s Day Cat Rescue

a black cat high up in a tree. A large black arrow points it out.

“While out for our New Year’s Day walk we were stopped by a man and his young daughter asking if we happened to be searching for a black cat. He pointed above our heads and there, huddled high in the tree was a slightly terrified-looking feline.

As they’d seen the cat in the exact same spot earlier that morning and had had no luck with the RSPCA, they’d called a friend to bring a ladder.

Said friend managed to scale the ladder and, after a heart stopping moment when it looked like the cat might panic and head for the branches overhanging the fast-flowing stream, managed to grab him/her.

As the next challenge was how to descend while holding the now spitting cat, Stu put his tree climbing to good use and went up to help.”

What a kind show of team work to kick off the new year! Thank you Emma Williams for allowing us to share it.