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Home » Short Stories about Kindness » Shop assistant prevents suicide with kindness.

Shop assistant prevents suicide with kindness.

a beach at Barry covered in footsteps. In the distance the cliffs are visible. A clear blue sky above it all. Text overlaid reads "shop assistant prevents suicide with kindness."

Content warning – this post mentions suicidal feelings.

“l threatened to end my life back in April 2023 and a 21 year old shop assistant from Barry saved me.

I’d met them as a customer in the shop they worked at and they could see I was struggling. I was in the shop and they took the time to talk and discuss my options.

Since then they’ve taken the time to support me with an employment tribunal, helping to keep me in employment, and paying my rent. Possibly most importantly they have shown me empathy, compassion, dignity and, above all, they showed me respect throughout.

Now they are supporting me in obtaining my dream career as a 999 Emergency call handler, medical advisor, or dispatcher, even though they have a part time job and need time to study, and of course take their own time to rest.

I currently suffer from Autism, Anxiety and Major Depressive disorder and my guardian angel has truly saved and helped to change my life.”

Big thank you to Gary for allowing us to share this powerful story of kindness.