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Artist, Michael Parkes, inspires younger generation of artists.

“When I was 14, my sister and I did karate with the renown painter Michael Parkes at a dojo on the Costa del Sol. If my sister couldn’t come, he would offer to pair up with me, as being the only two girls in class, none of the boys would even talk to us.

Occasionally, if I was passing by their flat in the square, I’d ring up and his wife would let me into the studio where he was painting, with instructions to be very quiet. He let me just sit there and occasionally would explain what and how he was painting.

One technique that always stayed with me, was how he would make dappled rocks. My work is in no way like Michael’s, but he inspired my love of texture.

I now know how irritating and distracting it can be to have someone watch you paint, so I am very grateful for his kindness!

Blood Mountain is my work based on the on ancient religions belief that mountains were where the gods lived and the life blood of the world. Made with acrylic, paper, sand and gravel.”

This piece and associated kindness story is from Catherine Fenton go and check out their other work and support small, independent artists.

This post is in collaboration with Art Can.