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This collection of posts illustrates the difference that acts of kindness make to others’ lives. Your actions matter and these good news posts show you how.

A green wall outside in London. On it hang some coats under a small ledge, some shoes near the floor under another small ledge, space for books and other things. Around the wall are notices to say take or leave a coat, shoes, books, or other items at this wall of kindness.

Visiting the wall of kindness on London’s Southbank.

Have you seen a wall of kindness? On the Southbank in London recently, I was delighted to come across a kindness wall. I’ve heard about them in various countries around the world, but this was the first time I’d seen one in person. These walls provide somewhere for you to both drop off or take […]

a wide set of train tracks with many different lines in a city viewed from the bridge above. A train is coming in on one track on the bottom right. Text overlaid reads “Ticket inspector comforts grieving passenger.”

Ticket inspector comforts grieving passenger

“I had met friends for the weekend and had to change trains on my journey home. I knew it was a short window to change trains and I jumped on a train only to realise it didn’t stop at my stop. It meant I’d have to go an hour up the line and an hour

A yellow post-it with a drawing of a lightbulb on it is pinned to a cork board with a red pin

What if … we practise the skill of thinking kindly?

My guest blog this month comes from the wonderful Rachel Stewart, a coach for career redesign. It’s a fascinating read of how we can take skills from one area of our life and apply them in a different context – in this case, the skill of thinking kindly. As a coach, my engagement with my

“Thank you for the bracelet” (made by this mother, drawn here with her child, in Uganda). Charcoal and acrylic on board. Image 1: a painting in charcoal and acrylic on board of mother, with her back to us but looking over her left shoulder to her child who is tied to her in a shawl. The board is pale brown, the mother and child are drawn in black lines over a block of light blue paint. There is a rectangle of red paint in the top right corner.

Woman in refuge in Uganda gives bracelet to visiting artist.

“I visited a womens’ refuge while doing charity work in child protection in Uganda some years ago. A beautiful young mother with few possessions gave me a banana and a bead bracelet she had made from found paper on the streets of Kampala to support herself and her baby. She would not allow me to

A close up of the top of someone’s back with two hands giving a massage. Text overlaid reads “self kindness is… a sports massage.”

Self kindness is… a sports massage.

“I’ve treated myself to a sports massage – long overdue according to my masseuse, who had to work particularly hard on my shoulders! Honestly worth every penny.” Kindness to self is so often overlooked so thank you David for sharing this. How have you shown yourself kindness this week?

A set of wooden knitting needles laying on a sofa. Some of the needles are paired up in in plastic bags, the others are loose

Marketplace seller of knitting needles says not to worry about payment.

“I was looking to buy some knitting needles and found some on Facebook Marketplace. When I went to pay them when I picked them up, they said not to worry about payment.” What a lovely act of kindness – it seems the knitting community is full of kindness going by the stories we’ve had recently!

The ArtCan and Time for Kindness logos both in white circles towards the centre. To the left, balloons in ArtCan and Time for Kindness colours. Text below reads "virtual art gallery."

Fellow artist offers suggestion which improves a work.

“A fellow art can artist saw my work after I had gone home and suggested this change. The artists sent me a drawing to see what I thought. A suggested change to an install, kindly suggested and warmly received.” This piece and associated kindness story is from Elspeth Billie Penfold go and check out their other

A queue of at least 7 people waiting the get their item fixed at Repair Cafe in a library.

Attendee gives self assessment advice to repair cafe volunteer.

“I gave some self assessment advice to the volunteer fixing my clock at the repair cafe. When I next saw him he was really grateful and said how much it had helped.” Sharing knowledge is a wonderfully kind act and, as you’ve shown, makes a big difference too! Read more stories of kindness: Knitting goodies donated to beginner

7 meals in plastic tubs. The front one is fish and prawns in rice. There is also an apple and a banana on the tray.

Community provides meals to ill local

“I’ve been ill and between the ladies at church and my neighbours I’m being so well fed. My small appetite is meaning each meal lasts a long time but it is so appreciated while I recover.” We spotted this in The Full Freezer group and Angela very kindly allowed us to share it here, so

A hand with painted nails, holds a striped white and blue pen and writes a letter on lined paper.

Charity fights loneliness epidemic in the elderly with letters filled with love.

We want to shout about Love For Our Elders who are fighting loneliness with love, one letter at a time. They organise and encourage people to send letters to the elderly in their local communities and now have 50,000 volunteers across 70 countries – that’s quite the kindness ripple effect! If you’d like to spread