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This collection of posts illustrates the difference that acts of kindness make to others’ lives. Your actions matter and these good news posts show you how.

Emma, a woman with light skin tone and long auburn hair, sitting at a breakfast bar, her hands resting around a large cup of tea. Text overlaid reads “Ally uses platform to highlight LGBTQIA+ freelancers.”

Ally uses platform to highlight LGBTQIA+ freelancers.

“A prominent cis het freelance coach reached out directly to LGBTQIA+ freelancers to highlight them during Pride month. Emma Cossey is a well known and respected freelance coach who showed what allyship looks like in action by contacting freelancers in the LGBTQIA+ community to offer them the opportunity to share about their identity and promote […]

a child's drawing of someone wearing a football kit with child's handwriting on pink and green post its reading "my friend invited me to a football club.”

Kindness in friendship looks like…

We were delighted to hear about so many kind friends at the festival. Here are some of the stories that children shared with us about kindness they had noticed: Tell us about your experiences with friendship and kindness.

Lynda, a woman with light skin tone and shoulder length blonde hair, she is smiling but it is wonky and her skin is tinged red due to Ramsey Hunt Syndrome. Over the top is the word “wonky.”

Ramsay Hunt Syndrome brings out prolific show of kindness from others.

“In 2018 I had Ramsay Hunt Syndrome (Bell’s Palsy and shingles at the same time). It meant a 6-9 month period of recovery and accepting help. It also meant coming to terms with the fact that my face didn’t look the same for a while and posting about this and my recovery on Instagram made

Text reading “I gave my sister a sticker” with a brightly coloured drawing of two children wearing yellow and blue dresses, one passing the other a sticker.

Kindness of families.

At the University of Reading’s community festival, lots of children told us about kindness within their families: • Tommy bought me a cake. • I drew my mummy a picture and she liked it. • I helped my Mum load the dishwasher. • I gave my sister a sticker. • I helped my grandmother cross

a muddy towpath with puddles across it beside a large purple rhododendron.

Help crossing wet towpath.

A lovely person showed us the best way to cross a wet patch of the towpath. They pointed out the best places to step and jump between so that we didn’t get wet feet. It worked! We always say here that no kindness is too small, and this is a great example of that. The

A woman with tied back grey hair blowing in the wind and large orange sunglasses, wearing a green t-shirt covered in dust, smiles at the camera holding a small piece of stone with a swirl carved into it.

Carving teachers turn mess into success for newbie.

“At a recent beginners stone carving workshop, I made a mess of my carving and my teachers, Laura Jeary and Bryan Proctor, came to the rescue, turning my mess into success! Now, that was kind!“ Thank you Veronica for allowing us to share this story of kindness – and we think your carving attempt looks

A lush store. It’s dark with two large lights highlighting just some of the colourful bath bombs stacked around.

Lush staff give free gift in return for kindness.

“I popped into Lush to buy a couple of products. A lovely staff member gave me one product for free ‘as an act of kindness’.  Apparently it was because I’d asked them how they were. What a lovely end to a difficult day.” Big thanks to Chris who sent this to us via our Instagram. Check out

A TV showing the two football players talking to each other.

Bethany England shows what kindness in football looks like.

“During the first half of Chelsea vs Spurs one of the Spurs players had to be stretchered off the pitch with an ankle injury following a collision with 20-year-old Chelsea player, Maika Hamano. It was entirely accidental, no-one’s fault, just one of those things that happens when you play a contact sport like football. When

Sarah, a woman with light skin tone and shoulder length light brown hair, wearing a hoodie which says “kindness matters” smiles broadly beside text reading “New connection encourages self care during busy week.”

New connection encourages self care during busy week.

I was recently introduced to Nikki St Paul via a mutual connection. She got in touch with me to ask if I wanted to meet up to learn more about each other’s business. I was just starting a new client project, had some ongoing IT issues and was recording an online conversation about kindness, so