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This collection of posts illustrates the difference that acts of kindness make to others’ lives. Your actions matter and these good news posts show you how.

Caroline outside holding a coffee on a beautiful sunny day.

Joyous connections

“Basking in the sunshine with my coffee this morning reflecting on a wonderfully stimulating, joyful, exciting conversation with Nina Callard and Alison Ive. Connections like this, full of shared purpose, passion and energy absolutely fill me up to the brim. Collaboration rocks.” I love this story of kindness to self from Caroline. Such a beautiful […]

a small seal chilling on a beach, it appears to be smiling.

Seal rescue Ireland

Balance your feed with happy seal content from Seal Rescue Ireland. I just love seeing them enjoying life and reading the comments which are filled with funny captions and such joy. What accounts do you follow that bring a smile to your face?

Emma, a woman with long brown hair wearing a pink and white top, looks away from the camera. She is standing in front of a lush green area with red flowers dotted through it.

Mental health and kindness to self

Self kindness also supports mental health as Emma Read pointed out to me over on LinkedIn. “I spent today in the sunshine shopping and having lunch out with my daughter. Taking time out makes such a difference to my mental health, and I can do a few hours work over the weekend if I want […]

A photo of my husband in a supermarket wearing a mask and holding a bag of sprouts

Husband appreciation

I developed a kidney infection while in Germany when studying there aged 20. It was incredibly painful and I ended up having to go to a hospital to see a doctor there – he was called Dr Engel, which translates as Dr Angel! My new boyfriend (now my husband) was incredibly kind, looking after me, […]

a doctor wearing a white coat with a stethoscope around his neck leans forward a little and puts his hand on the arm of a patient sat in front of him. The patient has their hand to their mouth.

A kind GP makes all the difference

It only takes one person to make a big difference as this anonymous story of a kind GP shows. “Last week I had a GP appointment at my local surgery. I’m always conscious when I see the GP that their time is limited so try to communicate as quickly as possible why I am there […]

Close up of a horse's face. It is light brown with a white stripe down the nose, the brown on one side glistens in the sunlight.

Recognising what’s important

For many, pets are family, so when a stable transported a patient’s beloved horse to St Luke’s Hospice, Plymouth, so the owner could see him one last time it truly was an act of kindness. Thank you to Paola for sharing such a touching story with me.

Selfie of a nurse wearing a hat with jellybeans on it, a mask and scrubs standing in a lift holding a thermos flask.

Nurses supporting nurses

“At work I’ve been struggling with pain and inflammation, etc, from my autoimmune condition flaring up. I’m a disabled nurse who is on immunosuppressant meds which are failing at the moment. When chatting with 3 colleagues about it they were all so lovely. One told me “it’s not your fault, nobody thinks less of you. […]

A digital sign at a high street bus stop reading "thank you to our amazing NHS staff #ThankYouNHS."

Send thanks to health heroes

Did you know that if you’ve experienced kindness in a health setting in the UK, you can use Tap Thank UK to send them thanks? The website and app was developed from the idea that healthcare settings often have complaint schemes but it can be really hard to know where to send your thanks, especially if you’re […]

A group of primary education aged children standing in a circle and holding up a rainbow coloured parachute

Acceptance is kindness

Listening to and honouring what someone says about themselves is a kindness we can all practice. Simple things like: Using someone’s name and pronouns. Saying “”she’s a woman” rather than “she identifies as a woman” – this is one I didn’t know until I saw a video from @thejeffreymarsh recently. Accepting someone’s sexuality when they […]

Text reads "thank you to all my clients!"

Thank you to my clients.

I work with organisations & individuals making the world an even kinder place by changing attitudes & behaviours. I want to thank every client I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years. I’ve had the honour of working with incredible people and organisations, from mental health organisations, to those working with young people […]