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Home » Short Stories about Kindness » Dog lover offers loving home to clinic dog over Christmas.

Dog lover offers loving home to clinic dog over Christmas.

a woman with long grey hair wearing glasses, jeans and a black jumper, sits on a large sofa with a grey throw over it. A light coloured dog wearing a shoulder support on her right and a smaller black dog with a red jumper on on her right.

“Kindness leads to…more dogs!!

I’m back from a lovely vacation! On the last day of vacation, the manager of the vet clinic I go to called and asked if we had room in our home for an “extra dog” for the holidays. One of the dogs who lives at the clinic is our dog Karma’s age, and arthritic like he is. They were worried she would be lonely as the clinic would be closed and thought she would be happier in a home.

So, even though we were just getting back, have serious jet lag, and company staying (my lovely daughter Serena, and her now fiancé, Talia), I said yes!

So Gigi has been with us the past two days! Big Karma, Little Kosmo and Zenni have all been enjoying her company, and so have we! (I did let the vet clinic know that they will be needing to purchase a comfy couch for Gigi when she goes back to the clinic!)

Kindness is simple! Often as simple as just saying “yes”, even if it might be a little more work, some inconvenience…and a bit more barking!!”

I just loved seeing this kindness story from Karyn pop up on LinkedIn last month.