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The see kind 2024 challenge

Text reads "Let’s kick off 2024 by focusing on kindness, remembering No kindness is too small!"

Let’s kick off 2024 by focusing on kindness!

We challenge you to take on the see kind challenge – all you need to do is:

👀 Notice a kindness every day of January.

🗣️ Tell us about it!

You can tag us in a post you see on social media that shows kindness. We’re on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

You can make your own post and tag us.

You can tell us about it in the comments or by DM.

You can send it to us through our website.

We can help each other see kind even more this year simply through sharing the kindness we see, so we’ll be sharing all the posts you send us!

Are you going to take up the challenge?