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Share your expertise

A great way to be kind is to share your expertise. At my local networking group, Woodley Business Club, yesterday our speaker was Charlotte Haye from a copy-writing company called Eleven Eight. She gave a great talk about writing blogs for your business. She was really generous with the advice she shared, from how to […]

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What if … communities embrace all migrants with kindness

In this latest guest blog I bring you a beautiful story of kindness, learning and welcoming. A huge thank you to communicator, Swati Joshi, for sharing her family’s uplifting story of migration as a positive experience. As a 1st generation Indian American, I was excited to watch @KamalaHarris sworn in as VP of the US. […]

Magenta and white square asking who has been kind to you recently or how have you been kind to others

Call out for kindness stories

I want to fill social media with stories of kindness. I believe that people are being kind to each other every day, we just don’t always hear about it. That’s why I started this Time for Kindness account and #ProjectAmplifyKindness. I’m always on the look-out for new stories to tell. So I’d love to know who […]

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Life with MS

I heard a great story of unexpected kindness from a fellow small business owner I was chatting to yesterday. His wife has MS and he was trying to get hold of a particular consumable product that helps her manage her condition. Unfortunately there are currently some issues with it being manufactured. This product makes a […]

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It was Mum and Dad’s 49th wedding anniversary last week. They popped into the supermarket for a few bits, trying to make something of the day by having a nice lunch. At the checkout they were chatting to the person who was scanning their shopping through. They mentioned it was their wedding anniversary and she […]

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Helping our local shopkeeper

Kindness can be a really small, easy thing for you that makes a big difference to someone else’s life. My husband, Tris, recently got talking to Sam, the guy who works in our local corner shop, about having to wear a face mask all day. He said he gets really sore ears. Tris works for […]