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The knock-on effects of your actions can spread kindness more widely as people read the positive news of what you have done.

Text reading “Barry Winbolt’s podcast. Sarah Browning. Time for Kindness.” Under it are photos of Barry, a man with light skin tone, grey hair and beard, wearing glasses and a white top with a blue shirt over it, and Sarah, a woman with light skin tone and blonde hair, smiling broadly.

Get a Better Handle on Life podcast with Barry Winbolt and Time for Kindness

I’m on the Get a Better Handle on Life podcast with Barry Winbolt and you can listen to it now on your favourite podcast app or right here: . We had such an enjoyable chat about kindness – I’d love to hear your thoughts when you’ve listened to it.

A small white fluffy dog lays on a train platform. Some passengers are visible standing in sunshine on the other platform.

Couple gives person lift to work after train is cancelled.

“Thank you to the couple who where travelling to Bridgend on the 6.22 train this morning which didn’t run. You gave my son a lift too Bridgend, which meant he wouldn’t be late for work. He was really grateful. Thank you again.” I spotted this in a local Facebook group and it made me smile

the back of a head with long blonde hair brushed back and looped up into a bun with extra hair wrapped round it and pinned in place with blue and white decorative hair pins.

Friend does hair and sews up dress before wedding.

“I was going to a wedding and needed help with my hair and my dress was gaping and I wasn’t sure how to fix it. My friend did my hair for me and sewed up the gaping bit on the dress so I could wear it confidently.” How wonderful that your friend used their skills

3 wooden steps and a large concrete post beside them in the foreground. Behind them is a large section of sloping, very wet mud, and tree roots. Two pairs of legs tentatively negotiate the mud.

Stranger helps walker stuck in mud.

“Out walking my dogs I saw someone get stuck because it was so muddy at Porthkerry country park over Easter weekend. I couldn’t really help because I had one dog on my back and another off lead but someone came walking across the field and clambered up to them and helped them get down safely.”

Sarah smiling broadly while wearing sunglasses. Above her text reads “I’m speaking at the Organisation for Responsible Business!” with the Time for Kindness logo below it.

I’m speaking at the Organisation for Responsible Business!

I’m so excited to be speaking at the Organisation for Responsible Business (check out their website here) meeting on Thursday 28th March. I’ll be talking about the importance of seeing kindness and wellbeing as social impact. Get all the details and book your spot right here. Get inspired by some other kind businesses in the meantime:

A mic lit up pink against a black background. To the side of it text reads "What’s your favourite kindness podcast / book / show / etc?”

What are you favourite kindness resources?

Heather Dunlop has been really kind to me, sending me details of the 2024 Rosalind Franklin lecture and a podcast from Michael Moseley, both of which are on the topic of kindness. Her kindness inspired me to ask you for your favourite kindness resources; Please share them with me in the comments because I just

Text reads “It’s a movement. You are powering it but it’s not all about you... (it‘s) something shared, collaborative, real.”

Join the #TimeForKindness movement!

The collaborative aspect of Time For Kindness is incredibly important to me – this is our movement, it exists because of and for all of you. Be part of the #TimeForKindness movement by: Sharing your own story of kindness with us. Sharing our posts to bring a smile to someone else. Telling the people in

7 of people stood outside Ô Fées Tout restaurant on a sunny day.

Jeanie gives friends a lift to restaurant.

“I picked up Judith and Sharron to take them to Ladies Lunch out!” Giving a lift is such a simple every day kindness that can make a big difference to someone, whether that’s to a restaurant for a meal out with friends, or anywhere else. Thank you Jeanie for sharing this with us. Even more

Players from AFC Wimbledon and Portsmouth on the pitch near a goal during a football match.

Football fan sent uplifting story by someone with no interest in sports.

My social media manager sent me a link to an uplifting football story – she isn’t a football person herself but she knew it would make me smile when I was feeling under the weather. The story was of AFC Wimbledon shared by John Green, and here it is ⬇️ Have a football themed, or

A femme presenting person with shoulder length blonde hair, stands outside wearing a short sleeved floral top and black trousers. She is holding an umbrella which is open in alternating blue and white colours with the word “England” and the English rose on two of the white sections.

122 umbrellas sent with kindness to 11 different charities across the UK.

With all this rain it was a huge kindness to see Preseli giving a way 122 umbrellas via A Good Thing . Thanks to Preseli’s generous willingness to post the umbrellas, they reached 11 different charities, spread right across the country. From Swansea Asylum Seekers Support to Rise & Shine Lancashire and Anthony Seddon Fund. Another