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spread kindness

The knock-on effects of your actions can spread kindness more widely as people read the positive news of what you have done.

A white cupcake in a rainbow case with white icing and a single candle lit in the middle of it.

A happy birthday

I was on the train into Victoria Station and as we pulled into the station, the driver did the usual announcements and then said that it was his co-driver’s birthday and when we were passing the cab, we might like to say Happy Birthday to her. As we walked passed the cab, that is exactly […]

A family of swans swims across the beautiful lake that Sarah sometimes uses for walking meetings

How to ace walking meetings

Today marks the start of Mental Health Awareness Week 2022. The theme this year is loneliness and the Mental Health Foundation are encouraging people to build meaningful connections. One way to encourage connection building is to get out for a walk together. I love taking a walk round the beautiful lake in this photo, often […]

Tris pointing a camera at an unseen family by the river in London

Kindness in London

Lots of kindness on display during a family Easter day trip to the Tower of London yesterday. A passenger on the Tube giving their seat to someone else who needed it more Miss B pointing out the seat-giving to me because she knew I would want to mention it here (she drew the line at […]

A digital sign at a high street bus stop reading "thank you to our amazing NHS staff #ThankYouNHS."

Send thanks to health heroes

Did you know that if you’ve experienced kindness in a health setting in the UK, you can use Tap Thank UK to send them thanks? The website and app was developed from the idea that healthcare settings often have complaint schemes but it can be really hard to know where to send your thanks, especially if you’re […]

Better business act logo

Better, kinder business

If you’ve been inspired by the kindness in business stories we’ve shared this month, here’s a few ways you can commit to kindness in your own business: For SMEs and bigger businesses, get involved in the Better Business Act campaign, co-chaired by Mary Portas. All businesses including micro-businesses and freelancers can take the ethical move […]

Portrait of Danbee smiling broadly.

Collaboration is kindness

Everyone wants to hear that their work is appreciated which is why asking people you admire if they’d like to collaborate is an act of kindness. Towards the end of last year I heard Danbee Shin speak at a conference about the ways she welcomes her clients into her business with kindness. I reached out […]

A person stands with arms outstretched in front of a moody night sky and a lit up heart shape of authenticity and self-compassion

Authenticity in communication

Many years ago the large charity I worked for was launching a particular employee initiative. I wanted to contact other organisations who had done something similar. My plan was to ask for their advice and learning about the communications. I was in a junior role and felt inexperienced, so I asked a more senior colleague […]

a box of Jammie Dodger style biscuits with a heart centre.

Monthly gifts

“A friend of mine is giving someone a gift every month this year – this month it was me for being a good friend!” I love this idea! Congratulations and thank you to the anonymous person who shared this story with me. How can you make sure you’re spreading kindness regularly?

a grey rock painted with a daffodil sitting beside a fence on the pavement.

Small kindness, big community

“I love finding these painted rocks, there’s a Facebook group for them in Llantwit because they’re such a big thing. Everyone’s excited to find them.” How beautiful to have a whole community excited and connected by something as small as painted rocks. No kindness is too small and this story from Caz proves the power […]

How do you show your employees that you value them?

Employee appreciation day

Happy employee appreciation day – when did you last tell your employees how amazing they are? Showing appreciation for your employees isn’t just an act of kindness, it’s also good business sense. People who feel valued will put more effort in and remain loyal to your business. How will you show your employees that you […]