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The knock-on effects of your actions can spread kindness more widely as people read the positive news of what you have done.

a strawberry lip balm in a red tube.

Sister gives lip balm away.

“My sister buys lip balm that comes in a set but she doesn’t like one of the flavours so she gives that one to me.” What a lovely reminder that acts we can dismiss because they’re so small or by a loved one are also kindnesses. When we say no kindness is too small, we […]

Mel, a woman with light skin tone and short blonde hair in a fringe across her face, sits hugging a melodeon tightly with a gentle smile on her face.

Double kindness spotted in Facebook group.

“I spotted a double kindness – in my Facebook group, Mel shared a kindness to self as she celebrated her business success, and included a shout out to me for my guidance and support. It gave me the warm fuzzies and made me tear up with both gratitude for her appreciating me, and joy and

a small glass jar filled with multicoloured slips of paper which are folded up.

Open The World Kindness Movement’s jar.

We know the power of seeing kindness – how it can bring light to our darkest days – which is why we love the World Kindness Movement. On their website you read or share your own kindness story. The stories all go into a virtual jar and when you want to read one, a random

The inside of a car with someone wearing a white shirt and grey trousers driving. Only their hands and legs and the front of the car are visible. Text overlaid reads “My husband’s train to work was cancelled. He contacted a colleague to let them know he’d be late and they offered him a lift to the office.”

Colleague offers a lift.

We’ve had so many lift stories lately – what other every day kindness have you come across? Let us know here. “My husband’s train to work was cancelled. He contacted a colleague to let them know he’d be late and they offered him a lift to the office.” Feeling like you can’t see any kindness,

A digital kindness ambassador badge with the words wrapped around an illustration of 2 arms and hands encircling the world and the Time for Kindness logo in the corner

Become a kindness ambassador

Debs is a wonderful Kindness Ambassador and she has kindly shared why she loves it to inspire you to get involved too. Become a Kindness Ambassador yourself and experience all the benefits – get all the information you need here. With thanks to Debs and Nicolas Laborie.

A hospital corridor with a large yellow circular sticker stuck on the floor. The sticker has a smiley face on it and reads “look up and smile. #BeAHelloHero. Brighten a day and say hello.”

Be a hello hero!

“Positive patient experiences start with small acts of kindness. The simple act of a sharing a smile as you pass someone in the corridor, and an acknowledgement by saying hello cultivates a positive culture and caring environment. This month during Patient Experience Month at Albury Wodonga Health we are asking staff to #BeAHelloHero. The challenge

a toddler in a pushchair holding a small toy and smiling at the camera. Text overlaid reads "Strangers team up to help get pushchair down stairs.”

Strangers team up to help get pushchair down stairs.

“A nice man carrying a bulky parcel, offered to help a women carry her pram down the tube steps. Parcel in one arm, the other clutching the base of the pram, they slowly got to the bottom step by step. What a gent! But as they turned the corner, they faced another set of stairs,

Sarah talking to a man with dark skin tone at Reading Community Festival. Behind them are people milling around the Time for Kindness stand and a large whiteboard with post it notes and drawings all over it.

We’re at Reading University Community Festival 2024!

Time for Kindness will be at the University of Reading’s community festival again this year. Put the date in your diary: 🗓️Saturday 18th May. We can’t wait to chat to you about the role kindness plays in your life and hear all your kindness stories. Check out some of the stories from the last festival: Kindness

Close up of part of a black post with a sticker on it. The sticker reads “hello stranger, just checking in. I wanted to remind you that you’re doing great! Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.” At the end is the Instagram logo beside MessagesOf.Hope.

Messages of Hope sticker brings a smile

“While out and about in Barry I spotted this sticker on a lamp post. It’s such a small thing but it brought a smile to my face.” We love this! Messages Of Hope do such great work (check them out on Instagram and their website) and this is a clear example of the difference a

close up of a badge reading “volunteer” on the orange top of a person with medium light skin tone. Text overlaid reads “the big help out is back!”

The Big Help Out is back!

With The Big Help Out’s big announcement today we’re so excited to hear all the stories of kindness that come from this year’s event. We just love the The Big Help Out for so many reasons, one being that it’s a great showcase for kindness; we’ve already spotted Community Asda Ellesmere Port on Instagram doing