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Home » Short Stories about Kindness » Teenager saves garden fence in storm.

Teenager saves garden fence in storm.

a photo of a garden fence looking strong and sturdy, inlaid is another photo of the fence from above with a folded down washing line leaning against it. Text overlaid reads “Teenager saves garden fence in storm.”

During a recent storm, the fence in our back garden was swinging wildly in the wind. We weren’t at home at the time, but our 16-year-old neighbour noticed the problem.

He saw that the issue was one of the fence posts, so he carried over their rotary washing line (which has a heavy block of concrete on the bottom!) and stood it next to the post, attaching it with bungee cords to keep it secure.

We often hear negative stories about teenagers, which isn’t very fair – lots of them do really kind things. We were really chuffed that our neighbour had helped us out.

Let’s hear about the kindness you’ve seen from other teenagers in the comments.

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