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Home » Short Stories about Kindness » Community rallies round to help local pumpkin farmer.

Community rallies round to help local pumpkin farmer.

a large orange pumpkin on the floor still attached to the plant. A foot wearing a brown boot next to it.

“After a buyer let a local farmer down leaving him with a field of pumpkins, he decided to hold a “pick your own” day to try and recoup some costs.

The post got shared nearly 250 times on Facebook and more on Mastodon.

Children and teenagers helped out on the day to welcome people, give out business cards and direct cars. The community really came together to support him and have a good time too!”

Stories of communities coming together fill me with joy – the kindness on show here from the helping organise to the sharing is so wonderful.

Music: Let the Mystery Unfold. Musician: Geoff Harvey

[Video ID: A sign reading “all visitors to this site enter entirely at their own risk. Please take care, act responsibly and enjoy your visit. Thank you. Colin. The sign sits at the start of a field of pumpkins. The view moves through the field where a few children and adults are wandering and picking pumpkins.]