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Teenagers help an elderly woman after a fall

A residential area at dusk with a lamp post coming on and cars parked underneath it.

When Jenna’s auntie took a bad fall in an car park two teenagers went out of their way to help her. Jenna was compelled to share in a local Facebook group to find the teens, she wrote “My auntie took a pretty bad fall earlier on this evening, in the dark, around Nicholl Court car park area. Two lads with a dog stopped and stayed with her for a while then helped her home!
I understand she was able to thank you herself at the time but the rest of the family would also like to say a massive thank you for helping her when no one else was around, as she doesn’t do very well in the dark. Some people are just in the right place at the right time and we’re very grateful for that. Thank you both whoever you were!”

The proud mum of the teenagers, Sam, explained that it was in fact her daughter and a friend, “She came in and said a lady had fallen and she was really worried for her . I hope she is ok.”

Shortly after Ruby, one of the wonderfully kind teenagers commented to say “that was me and Mckenzie, hope she’s doing ok let us know.”