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Home » Short Stories about Kindness » Pauline, the North Wales Saint, helps family after they were run off the road.

Pauline, the North Wales Saint, helps family after they were run off the road.

a silver minivan on the side of a rural North Wales road with a Greenflag man working in the boot of it as two children look on.

“After a day at the zoo we were forced left off the road, by a delivery truck hurtling down the road towards us, leading to us bursting a tyre and needing help on the side of a road in the middle of nowhere in N. Wales.

We limped to a little pull in on the right.

No reception to use mobile.

It’s ok, kids…

There’s a phone box.

Didn’t work.

It’s ok, kids…

There is a row of 6 houses in the middle of nowhere.


And there she was, the key to the rescue operation and total legend, Pauline, a fluent Welsh speaking scouser whose great grandfather had owned and lived in the cottage she now called home.

Offers of tea, a coal fire, comfort to the few tears and worry etched on the kids faces, a landline, a loo, warm slate slabs to sit on and listen to the cuckoo and even wifi for me to ring around the AA, RAC and Greenflag as I had no idea which one we were with and my husband was at work not able to answer the phone.

She pointed us in the direction of an adventure walk while we were waiting to take the kids minds off it.

Between wonderful Pauline and the legend that was Tied Sam from Green Flag we were on our way within 3 hours our hearts full of love, care and connection.”

Huge thank you to Jo Watkins for allowing us to share this after she posted it on LinkedIn.

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