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Strangers come to the rescue as Border Collie has epileptic fit.

an old border collie dog sits on some gravel beside a patch of grass, some human legs beside her, looking up towards the camera. Text overlaid reads “Strangers come to the rescue as Border Collie has epileptic fit.”

“My beautiful 12 year old border collie  dog, Willow, had an epileptic fit while out walking along a quiet country track in Bolster Moor, Huddersfield today. It has happened before and usually she comes around quite quickly but today was different and she seemed unable to carry on.

Fortunately, a lovely lady, Cath, out walking with her dog, had noticed our plight and offered to get a wheelbarrow and bring her car to the bottom of the track. A lovely chap, David, out walking his dogs, very kindly  offered to carry Willow down the track. I was a bit emotional to say the least! David carried Willow and  stayed with us while we waited for Cath’s husband to bring the car.

I was able to get Willow home thanks to these lovely people and she seems fine now, if a little tired.

I’d really love to give Cath, Cath’s husband  and David a special kindness award for being so kind and helpful in our hour of need.

Thank you.”

And thank you to the person who intended to send this to Sara Cox and kindly allowed us to share it too! You can send your stories direct to us here.

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