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Parking ticket passed on to grateful strangers.

A parking payment machine showing 11:16 as the time with a parking ticket in the card slot showing it runs out at 12:39.

“I left my car parking ticket in the machine yesterday as it still had an hour and a half on it left.

I was only popping in to get my COVID vaccine.

I then realised I had 5 minutes before the nurse said I could drive so I sat in the car and before leaving I saw an old person about to pay fumbling trying to find money.

It’s not one of those ones with the registration plate cameras.

I was parked nearby so I opened my car door and leaned out and called over to them, telling them my ticket I left there didn’t expire til 12:39 and I’d left it in case anyone could use it.

They took it and we’re so grateful.”

What a great example of everyday kindness – what kindness have you seen today?

Remind yourself how much kindness is happening every single day:

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