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Kindness helps heal dog’s glaucoma.

TiLi, a small fluffy white dog, lying on a bed with her head against the pillows. One side of her face and head is shaved bald and her eye on that side is sewn closed.

“My dog, TiLi, had glaucoma and had to have surgery to remove her eye. I experienced so much kindness from so many people:

A specialist eye vet came out on a Saturday morning during time with his child to check her out and confirm the diagnosis.

The whole team at Live Well Vets have been so supportive of me and taken the best care of TiLi.

While picking up meds for her, a pharmacist said how sorry she was and that she hopes TiLi will be ok.

One friend gave me a lift to the vets and another friend took me to pick her up.

A neighbour saw me walking with her in a bag and wished her well and said how much he enjoyed seeing me walking both of them.

She is doing really well and I’m so grateful to everyone who’s helped make that happen.”

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