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Strangers help after mobility scooter fails.

A section of the Monsal Trail. A flat path with long grass and trees either side. A stone bridge goes over the path a little further down. Several people are underneath the bridge.

“A family from Barnsley and Nottingham went above and beyond on Saturday lunchtime to help a damsel in distress!

My lovely husband Pete and I had set out on a walk with my ‘trusty’ (as I thought) all singing, all dancing, electric mobility scooter. Sterling we call her and she can tackle all terrain and goes for 17 miles, apparently?!

We were on the Monsal Trail in the Derbyshire Peak District… a beautiful disused railway track, safe for cyclists, wheelchairs and family walks. We had got 4 miles along, when ‘trusty’ Sterling gave up and her battery died!! My strong and determined husband said he would push me back in the scooter!!

He did an amazing job, but was fast running out of energy. This lovely family, who were walking the opposite way, insisted on turning around and pushing me all the way back to Hassop. They all kept taking turns and made what could have been a disastrous end to our outing into something of great appreciation to Pete and myself. We had such giggles and they didn’t falter in their determination to get us back all the way to the car!

They then continued their walk along the trail to Bakewell to enjoy their Mother’s Day celebration, without even accepting a coffee for their effort and kindness!

Thank you from us both, we have great faith in human kindness, but they excelled more than we ever could have expected!!”

What an amazing family of kindness superheroes! What kindness have you seen recently? Tell us!