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Kindness domino effect through A Good Thing.

Andrea takes a selfie of her and Kamal on the pavement beside a street. Andrea has a dark skin tone and short brown hair with a more orange brown section in the middle. She is smiling and wearing a high vis vest. Kamal has a medium dark skin tone and greying hair around a bald patch. He is smiling and making the thumbs up sign.

“In 2014 Harrow in London had ten libraries, and proposals were made to close four. Kamal Shah quickly mobilised an army of people to help save the North Harrow site. Great momentum was built, but unfortunately the site was closed regardless.

Kamal and a group of supporters got together to set out a plan to run the library themselves. Eventually, in 2018, the keys were handed over and North Harrow Community Library was born!

Kamal received a new printer for the library from local charity Our Barn through A Good Thing and was inspired to donate surplus books through the app.

The books were perfect for CIC Get Rid Of And Donate (GROAD), an environmental non-profit organisation focusing on reducing domestic and commercial waste to landfills by recycling and preventing poverty in communities. GROAD directly benefits underprivileged, impoverished communities and people in need of extra support, providing immediate assistance with free clothing, shoes, and other living essentials.

The charity works with families and refugees across the local area and books are always in demand.”

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