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Gaynor restores faith in humanity after stranger’s car trouble.

A cup of coffee on with 2 sugar sticks and a spoon on the saucer. Text above reads “Gaynor restores faith in humanity after stranger’s car trouble.”

“I had a bit of a crappy day on 12th March as I found myself with a puncture. I managed to crawl around a roundabout with hazards on and made it on to Moss Way.

I rang my tyre man – he was on annual leave for another week.

I rang the RAC who told me to drive to the nearest garage at Darnall or they could send a mobile mechanic which would cost a fair bit. I told him I couldn’t drive my car for fear of damaging the tyre and wheel further. He told me I could drive up to 50 mph, I told him that I couldn’t and I think he thought that I was ‘one of those women’ – you know, the ones who say “it’s only flat at the bottom”.

Anyway, I made the car limp onto the nearest road, Birley Spa Lane and promptly parked over someone’s driveway as there was nowhere to park. Whilst we were deciding what to do, the home owner came home, so I began to pull away, unsure where I was going to drive to but the angel told me to park on her drive.

This amazing, kind and wonderful lady demanded I go in her house for a cuppa to wait for the rescue to come. BMW rescue came and fixed it and had me on my way home.

This has restored my faith in human kind. Thank you Gaynor, you really are one of a kind.

Between Gaynor and her mum they both had me laughing and soon brightened my day.”

What a hero Gaynor is – hopefully you did manage to also get this story to Sara Cox after it accidentally landed in our inbox!

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