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Stranger shares data so friend can be contacted abroad.

a woman with long black hair, wearing a brown coat and denim skirt. She is holding a phone and smiling while leaning against a white wall. Text overlaid reads "Stranger shares data so friend can be contacted abroad.”

“On holiday in the US I was waiting in a bar for the friend I was staying with to finish work. I had run out of data and there was – unbelievably – no wifi at the bar, so I couldn’t get on line to top up. And I needed to WhatsApp my friend and tell him where I was.

I asked a woman at the bar if I could use her personal hotspot and she readily shared her data with me so I could contact my friend. And when he messaged saying where he was waiting in his car, she walked there with me so there was no risk of me losing contact on the way.”

Big thank you to Rachel Stewart for sharing this with us – we’re so glad you were able to contact your friend and experienced such kindness!

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