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Home » Short Stories about Kindness » Taxi driver returns lost rucksack

Taxi driver returns lost rucksack

An orange rucksack beside a sofa on which someone wearing brown boots and tights is sitting.

“On Friday 1st December my daughter arrived in Birmingham having worked in London, travelling up from Eastbourne. When she arrived at the hotel she soon realized she hadn’t got her backpack with her.

Four frantic hours of retracing her steps and she saw the taxi driver that had taken her from train to hotel. He had her backpack onboard, and was going to take it to the hotel when he had finished his shift.

All her work laptop, phone, were in the bag, but also, the fox necklace I had given her this year for qualifying. She had been devastated to loose it, but thanks to an honest taxi driver all ended well.”

We love a happy ending and this is such a wonderful story of kindness that led to it – thank you to the anonymous kindness cheerleader who shared it.