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Freelancers create kindness loop

a view onto a desk from above showing an open laptop with one hand typing on it and one hand holding a stylus by it. To the side is an iPad on a book.

“As a consultant and copywriter, I work with a fabulous designer that I always recommend to my clients because he does amazing work. When I wanted to create a photoshopped gift for someone I couldn’t think of anyone better to ask.

I was so happy with the gorgeous piece of design and asked for the invoice to be sent over. He said to not worry about it, which was so lovely as definitely would never expect a fellow freelancer to work for free. So in turn I sent him a giftcard and left a testimonial on LinkedIn.

Acts of kindness spreads acts of kindness. It’s what makes the world go round!”

I couldn’t agree more and just love this beautiful circle of kindness – thank you anonymous freelancer for sending this in.

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