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Charity Freelancer Chat is filled with kindness.

the charity freelancer chat logo; the words sit in overlapping orange and blue circular shapes.

“For anyone who’s ever been to a Charity Freelancer Chat – thanks so much ❤.

I’ve been heartened by just how willing people are to get involved and help out:

In our first session, Lauren Baxter created the directory for everyone to contribute to – not just our names, services, and LinkedIn profiles, but other communities and places to find work.

Many people volunteered their time – unprompted – to help out with anything.

Dawn Newton made the logo (again, unprompted as a gift) and kindly gave her time to share own experiences from Charity Meetup.

Gemma Pettman stepped in to host when I was snowed under with work (my own fault). Countless people have given me their feedback and suggestions for improvements.

For anyone who’s come to a Chat, or offered to help out, or shown even the smallest bit of interest in #CharityFreelancerChat – thank you ❤”

I loved seeing this post from Richard on LinkedIn – there is so much kindness in the charity sector and it’s great to see it celebrated.

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