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A collection of posts that show how we are part of a bigger #teamkind when we act with kindness. These stories tell us about the positive things that people do to be kind to others.

a community shop sign that says sorry, we’re closed but still awesome

Signs for community

For the last few years, Matt Turbeville from Flowerland of Athens, Georgia has been putting up funny and uplifting signs outside the store. His signs make people in the community smile to such an extent that they have become local legends. The ethos of the family-run florist had always been to be part of the […]

a white square with the Time for Kindness logo and the words Share Your Expertise across the middle

Share your expertise

A great way to be kind is to share your expertise. At my local networking group, Woodley Business Club, yesterday our speaker was Charlotte Haye from a copy-writing company called Eleven Eight. She gave a great talk about writing blogs for your business. She was really generous with the advice she shared, from how to

the words kindness is cool whatever age you are against a multicolored background

Kindness can start at any age…

My friend took her 4-year-old grandson, O, to the beach near where they live the other day. They had a play and then had some chips 🍟 As is the way with British seaside weather, it was a bit rainy and chilly so they had their chips in a shelter. When O saw a toddler

A group of primary education aged children standing in a circle and holding up a rainbow coloured parachute

What if…. kindness is made a priority in primary education?

This month we hear from Anna Clark, Head of a junior school, about what happens when primary schools prioritise kindness. She shares how it benefits the children and the whole community. In 2020, the world as we know it changed. Up to this point, the key focus in primary education had very much been ensuring

a screenshot of a gaming screen with a pink cat character telling another character with a blue baseball cap that ‘You’ll find even the smallest kindness can make someone tremendously happy’

Kindness in gaming

When even the gaming world is recognising the power of kindness, that makes me really happy 😍 My niece recently sent me this screen shot of a game that she likes to play on her Nintendo switch. In the game, you design your own island and you try to build ‘friendship points’ with your villagers.

Photo of the first paragraph of a Guardian newspaper article with the title Hundreds offer spare rooms to refugees

Welcoming refugees

This story of kindness in today’s Guardian newspaper sums up exactly why I started Time for Kindness in the first place. Whilst in no way denying the unimaginable horror of the events in Afghanistan, there is an element of the story that illustrates just how kind many, many people are. We need to amplify these parts of

A hand-drawn condolence card of 2 guinea pigs

What if… we help others going through tough times

This month I’m pleased to share with you a new guest blogger, Nicolette Evans. In this moving blog, she talks about her family’s grief at losing a much-loved pet and the kindness that helped them at a difficult time. Recently one of our guinea pigs had to be put down. It was a heart-breaking decision

a ginger guinea pig sitting in a cardboard tube


Pet-sitting is a way to show kindness to others. This week we are looking after our niece’s guinea pigs while she is on holiday. Cookie (ginger) and Oreo (the black and white one) are living in their hutch in our garden for a week. We don’t have pets of our own anymore, having lost our

my niece wearing her fluffy top with her camera in front of her face and the caption ‘Your outfit looks nice’

Kind words

My niece sent me this story of kindness. “I thought I would share a story of what someone did for me that I thought was really kind! Every morning I go and say good morning to my mum in her room. And this morning she said to me that my outfit looked really nice. I

a person with curly hair carrying a shopping basket and taking a box down from a shelf

Shopping basket

Checking out how much the person behind you has in their shopping basket* definitely counts as an act of kindness! Emma Cossey messaged me to say: “I’m not sure if it counts, but I’m always warmed by the kindness people show in the queues at Aldi. I’ve noticed people always tend to look behind them,