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Mia Vallely – Kindness Superhero

Mia Vallely, a woman with light skin tone and long blonde hair, smiles at the camera.

Meet Mia Vallely, another of our kindness superheroes. Nominated by Akua who said “I am so proud and a massive supporter of Mia. Every day Mia shows strength, bravery, courage and has a positive attitude.

Mia was diagnosed with RRMS at 18, a form of multiple sclerosis and last year had some treatment. Since being diagnosed, she has become an ambassador and raised over £5,000 for MS Society through awareness talks/charity walks.

She posts about symptoms and helps others by supporting them on their journey by sharing hers. This young lady is a champion and has a heart of gold.

I would love Mia to receive this honour as she deserves it, superstar.”

Thank you to Akua for telling us about Mia, a true kindness superhero.