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A story about kindness, poop and wine.

A stone manhole in the ground with a large pipe and smaller looking pipe doing into it. The smaller pipe is being held by someone's hands.

“Last weekend we were getting into the car and I noticed that the ground around the manhole cover on our drive looked ‘funny’, we looked closer and realised that it was overflowing with toilet paper and poop!

We haven’t been in this house long so we went next door to ask our neighbour if he knew if it had happened before or anything else useful he could tell us.
He promptly got changed into his scruffy clothes, fetched his drain rods and spent the next hour helping my other half to clear out our stinky blocked drain. (I stood around in the back ground saying “oooh it smells” 🤣).

We took him a bottle of wine later to say thank you and his reaction was that he thought that we were the ones being kind, I think that he was exceptionally kind and a bottle of wine is the minimum repayment for clearing up someone else’s poop 💩!”

Thank you to Heather for sharing this brilliant story over on LinkedIn and our vote is you were all kind!