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These stories share acts of kindness from real people in every day life. #ProjectAmplifyKindness is about changing the balance of the narrative about the world and how people behave.

7 days of kindness image with the words Day 5 and Pay for their parking

Day 5 – 7 Days of Kindness

Day 5 – pay for their parking I had already planned for today’s kindness story to be about paying for someone else’s parking. It was inspired by a business contact I was talking to at the beginning of the week. The person in front of them in the queue for the station parking meter had […]

a photo of some of the donated coats hanging up in the shop space

Day 4 – 7 days of kindness

Day 4 – donated quality clothes Last weekend Visit Banbury Community Interest Company undertook the distribution of lots of wonderful donated items from local people to others within their community in #Banbury. This was part of the #100WinterCoats project. They had made lots of partner organisations aware and shared info on social media and local


What if everyone feels welcome, supported and celebrated

I am delighted to share with you this month’s guest blog from web designer and global inclusion specialist, Danbee Shin. I heard her speak at a conference last month about the ways she welcomes her clients into her business with kindness. In this blog she shares her simple tips for making everyone feel welcome, supported

A photo of a little library cabinet with books inside it and a sign that reads take a book, leave a book

Day 3 – 7 Days Of Kindness

Day 3 – Free book exchange On my morning walk recently I chose a slightly different route for a change. Just to mix things up a bit! Although it is very near to my house, I happened along a bit of road that I haven’t been down in a while. And I came across this

A square with the words Day 2 - get to know people, #7DaysOfKindness and the Time for Kindness logo

Day 2 – 7 Days of Kindness

Day 2 – get to know people It can be really easy to make assumptions about people based on what we think we know about them. Or what we have been told about them. But these views can stop us from getting to know them as real people. So often, putting aside prejudices and preconceptions

A square with the words Day 1 - litter picking #7DaysOfKindness and the Time for Kindness logo

Day 1 – 7 Days of Kindness

Next Saturday, 13th November, is World Kindness Day. To celebrate, I’m going to share one story of kindness each day this week. Day 1 – litter picking As I walked to my local corner shop yesterday morning, I noticed a group of people in the car park wearing hi-vis jackets. “What are they up to

A photo of an old tree with a large branch held up by a large stone hand sculpture for kindness

Connect globally through kindness

One of the reasons I set up Time for Kindness was to inspire people. I want to inspire those of us that believe in kindness already. And I want to inspire people who would like to believe in it but are unsure or embarrassed. Because sometimes being kind is portrayed as weak. Or carrying out

A line of 3 toilet doors which were the scene of the overheard conversation

Overheard conversation

Perhaps I’m becoming a bit obsessed with kindness if I find myself taking a photo of toilet doors at the station on a Saturday evening….😆 But there had just been a brilliant conversation between the people in the end and middle cubicles. The end cubicle was out of paper and there was some confusion about

the view from the front window of the DLR train with an excited small birthday boy looking out at it

Birthday joy!

A friend of mine just shared this wonderful story of a small act of #kindness that had a massive impact on her 6-year-old son. They have been on a half-term trip to London, getting involved in different activities to celebrate his birthday. This morning she posted on Facebook:“Shout out to the DLR (Bank to Westferry) conductor yesterday who

a community shop sign that says sorry, we’re closed but still awesome

Signs for community

For the last few years, Matt Turbeville from Flowerland of Athens, Georgia has been putting up funny and uplifting signs outside the store. His signs make people in the community smile to such an extent that they have become local legends. The ethos of the family-run florist had always been to be part of the